AstroPay Betting – Why AstroPay Is A Convenient Payment Method For Gamers

AstroPay is an innovative online payment solution that allows users to make secure transactions on the internet. The service is a go-to option for many people that want to do some online shopping, pay their utility bills, or even engage in online gaming. AstroPay betting has risen in prominence in India over the last year because of the convenience that this service offers its users. In this post, we look at this payment provider in more detail, read on.

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Background Information

AstroPay is a company that started in 2009 with the aim of making payments over the internet fast, secure and convenient. The target market for this company is people who engage in online transactions but hate the inconvenience of limited payment methods. AstroPay bridges the gap between traditional brick and mortar payment service providers like banks and online entities such as gaming sites.

In the ten plus years that AstroPay has been in existence, it has grown to be a reliable online payment provider especially for customers on the Asian market. Online gamers, especially in India, have been the main beneficiaries of this service. AstroPay links to the majority of gaming platforms that allow Indian gamers to register on.

How Does AstroPay Work?

AstroPay Card is the product that this payment service offers. This is a virtual card, which users purchase on the AstroPay website or through its mobile app. The users then fund this account through their bank and rather than use the bank to make payments to gaming platforms, they use AstroPay to complete transactions.

The virtual card that users purchase has a one-year validity from the time that the user made the purchase. Once the duration ends, the user has to purchase another card. Within this period that the card is valid, the owner can deposit and withdraw from the card as is necessary.

How To Register For an AstroPay Card

The process of registering for an AstroPay card is quite simple and one can complete it online on the company’s main website or through its Android and iOS mobile app. To register on the site, log on to and click on the buy card option. Follow the prompts and once successful check your email for a validation key.

On the mobile app, you will see an option to sign up immediately you open up the app. Click on it and fill in your details in the steps that follow. Set your password and complete the registration process. On the mobile app, you have the option to use your mobile phone number in the event that you do not want to use your email. Additionally, the validation occurs automatically and you do not have to go back to check your email.

Managing Your AstroPay Card Account

With the registration and purchase complete, you will now have to fund your card to help you make payments online. To fund your account, you will need to add your credit or debit card number to your account. Do this by accessing your wallet from your user profile whether on the app or when using the main site. Insert the 16-digit card number and follow it with the 3-digit CVV number and the card’s expiry date as well.

Once AstroPay accepts your card, you can then key in how much money you want to deposit into your account. To use this amount, you will need to click on the AstroPay option on any gaming site that allows this payment method. The necessary amount will deduct automatically from your AstroPay card total. In the event that you make any winnings, you can withdraw the same back to your AstroPay card and then from your user profile, move these funds to your bank account.

AstroPay Betting - Why AstroPay Is A Convenient Payment Method For Gamers

Final Thoughts

AstroPay is one of the most reliable ways to fund your gaming accounts online. It offers a convenient alternative to the use of credit cards that may not offer you as much flexibility. The rise of AstroPay betting in India continues to propel this payment service and make it the go-to option for many gaming enthusiasts. End-to-end encryption ensures that all your data is secure. The availability of a mobile app makes it possible for you to monitor your card and all the transactions from one place.