Betting on the Olympics – A Guide On How To Bet on the Olympics

The Olympics serves as an important sporting event where talented athletes from different countries battle for supremacy in various sporting events, including football, basketball, athletics, tennis, swimming, skateboarding, and volleyball. Since the Olympics games attract a massive following from sports lovers, many fans have asked if it’s possible to bet on the Olympics. Olympics games take place every four years, giving an opportunity for sports bettors a chance to change from major leagues and sports that dominate the limelight when it comes to betting.

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Summer and Winter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee(IOC) is responsible for organizing and conducting the Olympics. There are two Olympics events, which include the summer and winter Olympics. The summer Olympics is much more significant than the winter Olympics with the participation of 207 countries as of 2016, while the 2018 Olympics saw representation from 97 countries. With that games taking place every four years, Tokyo was to host the 2020 event, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the games were postponed to 2021, with the event scheduled to be held between 23rd July and 8th August 2021. On the other hand, the Winter Olympics will be held between 4th February to 20th February 2022, with China hosting the events in the city of Beijing.

As opposed to the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics games were introduced to cater for sporting events that are played either on snow or ice, which may not be favorable during the summer. The 2022 Winter Olympics is expected to schedule 15 disciplines over seven sports, including skating, skiing, ice hockey, Biathlon, curling, luge, and bobsledding. With the Summer Olympics being a bigger event, sports betting enthusiasts can take advantage of the wide range of sporting events, including popular sports such as soccer, basketball, and tennis.

Olympic Games Betting Lines

One may be unfamiliar with the Olympic games, especially if you are a regular sports bettor and love wagering on specific sporting events. For popular sporting events such as football, basketball, or tennis, sports bettors can expect to find betting lines that follow the same format used in major leagues such as the Premier League or Serie A for soccer and the NBA basketball in America. The Olympics provide a bettor more betting opportunities in that one can bet on the country to win most medals during the tournament, winners of each sporting event, or how each group stage will wind up.

For sporting events such as athletics, swimming, or skating, individuals not familiar with the sport can take advantage and bet on the athletes to come away with the gold, silver, or bronze medals. If not familiar with the available Olympic games betting markets, sports bettors can take advantage of the betting bonus available on popular sports betting sites and make money as they learn more about the Olympic games.

Betting on the Olympics - A Guide On How To Bet on the Olympics

Olympics Games Live Betting

Sports bettors can add a little excitement to their betting experience by trying out live betting options available on various online sports betting platforms. For popular events such as soccer and basketball, live betting is familiar to fans of major leagues such as the European soccer domestic leagues or the basketball NBA league. With the Olympics, bettors can expect more betting options ranging from the top scorer in soccer, the number of events won by an individual swimmer, or if a golfer will hit the hole-in-one. It gets even more interesting for prop bettors because they can bet on additional markets, such as if the Olympic flame goes off prematurely during the tournament or the individuals to carry the flag of each participating country during the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament.