Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Online Betting On CS:GO

CS:GO has grown to become one of the most famous first-person games since the release of the original version in 2012. By the end of 2016, it had overtaken Minecraft, with approximately 25 million copies sold. In December 2018, CS:GO became free to play. There are different teams assigned to various tasks. One side attempts to plant a bomb at a target location while the other tries to neutralize it before exploding. There are different maps for players to select. You can also work with weapons that you love. The game is expected to become more mainstream due to the rising number of fans, annual major tournaments, coverage, and prize money. In most major tournaments, the top eight teams gain automatic qualification for the next competition. Watching the best players face each other is quite exciting, as you can also bet your favorite team.

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How to Bet on CS:GO

One of the most significant aspects that make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stand out is the simple design that ensures it is easy to follow and understand whatever is happening. Every team has simple and straightforward objectives. That makes it not only enjoyable to watch, but excellent for esports betting.

Betting on CS:GO is easy for even newbies. It works using similar markets to most conventional sports. There are several options that you can choose based on the sportsbook provider you select. Always have in mind that teams that are likely to win will have lower winning odds than the underdogs of the tournaments. All these differences are presented in varied odds.

Understanding the game

Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Online Betting On CS:GO
Debanjan ‘DeathMaker’ Das

To understand how CS:GO online betting works, you need to know about the two presentation formats. They include either decimal or American odds. The latter is presented using + or – signs to show how much you have to risk to win the bet. The + symbol represents the underdog team, showing how much you can gain from the placed stake.

On the other hand, decimal points show you how much profit you can make from your net investment. Match odds will remain the same, but the only difference will be the presentation in decimal layout. If the winning odds of team A are 1.20, then you can multiply that with your placed bet to show how much you are likely to win.

There are different formats for you to bet on apart from the winning or losing team. You can bet on the winning side when the tournament is beginning. It is a hard choice, but if you happen to be right, then the payout is usually huge. This option is also suitable for major CS:GO championships. You may also decide to bet on team individual rounds, commonly referred to as map betting. However, have in mind that the odds in this bet type are likely to change every shot as the match begins to take momentum.

You can also bet by predicting the right scores of the various teams in CS:GO. However, this is a tricky bet due to the low likelihood of getting everything right. Imagine getting the correct score in a game with 30 rounds? However, you decide to go for the over/under bets. In this case, you can bet on how many rounds the game is likely to last. For example, if you bet that a match will go for +23.4 rounds, then if a 24th round is played, you definitely win the game. If the rounds are below +23.5, then you lose.

Popular Indian Teams and Players

India has had some of the top teams and players in major championships. Entity Gaming is one of the most famous having been formed after Invisible Wings and Beyond Infinity merged together. Since 2017, they have won the Mountain Dew Arena three times and the ESL India premiership twice in 2017 and 2018. They are among one of the most dominant teams in tournaments held in India and Asia.

BL4ZE Esports is also among the most elite Indian teams. They performed exceptionally well in the 2019 ESL India tournament. They even managed to qualify for the WESG 2019 APAC championship finals after defeating the Pakistani side by 2-1. Other popular teams include Global Esports, U Mumba Esports, and Reckoning Esports.

Most players in the above teams are prominent in CS:GO circles. Among some of the most famous Indian players are Debanjan ‘DeathMaker’ Das, Sabyasachi ‘Antidote’ Bose, Tejas ‘Ace’ Sawant, Simar ‘Psy’ Sethi, Ishpreet ‘HuNtR’ Singh, and Norbu ‘Karam1L’ Tsering.

CSGO Betting India

Big Tournaments and Competitions You Can Bet On

CS:GO has some of the most prominent tournaments that you can bet on during different times of the year.

  • CSGO Major Championships

These are CS:GO biannual tournaments, arguably the largest on the esports scene. They are popular with gamblers because they last a long time and feature some of the most prominent teams. Upsets are a normality in most of the stages. Velve is in charge of the championships, although they delegate to third-party organizers such as ESL, StarLadder, and ELEAGUE.

  • ESL Tournaments

ESL is one of the prominent organizers of CS:GO tournaments. You can bet on their events held annually, such as the ESL Pro League. Others include the ESL One tournaments and Intel Extreme Masters.

Remember that you can always use your betting bonuses to place bets on all CS:GO sports matches.