Esport Betting Bonus – Esports Odds With Bonus Cash

The gambling world is fast evolving from traditional betting ways. From in-house betting, participants can now bet for their favorite teams through their Android and iOS phones at their workplace or home. Unlike the common betting genres, Esport is the new baby in the gambling industry, and you can claim an esport betting bonus to get the most out of your betting experience. Read on to discover how it works, how to claim bonuses, and the types of bonuses offered in electronic sports.

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What’s Esports Betting

Electronic sports involve video game competitions where players compete against each other. Although this is not new in the gaming world, the games now attracts gamblers from all corners of the world. The involvement of money and the exciting nature of video gaming has generated an increased demand for it. Popular games include Dota 2, League of Legends, CSGO, PUBG and many others.

How Esports Betting Works

Unlike other sports gambling, in Esport betting, gamblers place their bets on an individual player or a team they believe will win. However, the wide variety of esport games gives gamblers hundreds of options to choose from when placing bets. Do newbies in esport gambling get a chance to win? The games are suitable for both experienced and new gamblers. If you’re new, you can start by wagering on the overall winner.

Types of Esport Bonuses

In gambling, bonuses play a significant role in making every bet count. However, gamblers can get different types of esport bonuses that are offered by various bookies. Here is a list of bonuses that you’ll find in esport betting.

Esport Welcome Bonus

Most esport Bookmakers offer their new members a 100% bonus upon registration and their first money deposit. The bonus is equivalent to the first deposit made and can be used during the maiden bet. Similar bonuses are awarded in slots and casino gambling. Although the welcome bonus is quite generous, you must check how many times you’re going to wager before turning it into real cash. Understanding their terms and conditions regarding welcome bonuses is crucial before making the deposits.

Risk-Free Bets Bonus

You might have seen this before and wondered how you could get a risk free bet in gambling. Most bookies offer their clients risk-free bets whereby a bonus bet is awarded even after their bet is lost. The free bet awarded is equivalent to your initial wager’s value, which can turn into profits if your next bet wins. It offers you another chance to make a trial and win.

Odds Boost

Certain events or sports attract bonuses on their odds, which every esport gambler should look out for. The complexity of the game or other factors could lead to bonus awards. Therefore, do due diligence before selecting odds with the highest bonuses. With great judgment skills, you can make a kill from a single bet.

Extra Bet Bonus

Similar to the welcome bonus, punters get an extra free bet after making a deposit. Although this might sound great, it is not issued to everyone who made the first deposit. It’s awarded to bettors who manage to deposit a given value. The extra bet is issued as an appreciation token for opening an account.

All Bonuses are not Equal

Although most of the bonuses in esport betting sound similar to what other sports offer, you must check out their requirements. Withdrawing and unlocking of the bonuses vary from each other. Check the required wagering percentage of what you deposited before making a withdrawal of your bonus winnings.

Esport Betting Bonus - Esports Odds With Bonus Cash

Can I Use My Regular Betting Bonus for Esports Betting?

Regardless of your online betting platform, you can use your issued esport betting bonuses. Bookies have no restriction on how bonuses are used as long as you’re betting on your preferred team or individual player. If you have some bonuses left, get into your mobile app and use them for great money-boosting deals. Have you been gambling and need to invest in an exciting platform that’ll see you win great bonuses? Esport betting is the best thing for you. The platform offers hundreds of betting options and gives handsome bonuses for both new members and odds.