Esports Live Streaming: The Revolution Of Twitch And Other Platforms

The world of gaming is no longer exclusive to young people who spend their free time behind a screen completing missions and tasks in a video game. Today, video games are a multi-billion dollar industry and professional players are reaping the rewards. There are many examples of this, but one of the best is the proliferation of platforms for live streaming of Esports, such as Twitch or even YouTube Gaming.
Many gamers broadcast live or record their videos of hours of gameplay, which captures thousands of their fans. The great news of platforms like Twitch is that their main incentive is that gamers broadcast live and generate a community that comments on their content also live. Find out more about e-sports live streaming in this article.

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What Is E-Sports Live Streaming?

For many years now, many expert gamers have been posting videos of their activity on YouTube. That, in addition to popularity, generates many benefits for them. However, new trends in social networks such as Twitch or Facebook Gaming allow gamers to stream live while playing. All this allows for the formation of championships, leagues, or the generation of great debate and expectation as a result of live streaming. It is a new concept of competition, in real time.

What Kind Of People Do And Consume E-Sports Streaming?

Everyone! E-Sports streaming does not have too many requirements. What you need is a good internet connection and the desire to have fun and to spread your successes or failures in some video game. Streaming is free. Even some YouTubers like The Rubius or big gamers and streamers like Ninja, LolitoFdz, Elded or ArigGameplays are managed through Twitch streaming because if they get about 50 thousand viewers, they can start monetizing.

There are great professional players who have made live streaming their day-to-day job, but there are a huge amount of amateurs and casual players who have joined this new trend. Experienceing the game directly in real-time, with comments from other people makes it, for many, a much more fun and entertaining activity, so you don’t need to have vast experience or be a professional: the idea is to be entertained and share information.

Which Websites Are Used For E-Sports Streaming?

The most common answer you will find is Twitch, but that would be an incomplete answer. Twitch has become, without a doubt, the most important video game live streaming network in history. In fact, its purpose is just that: to transmit live streaming videos from users to millions of other users.

Although Twitch is the most popular and natural space for live streaming, YouTube has always been an ideal social network for video games, and thanks to YouTube Gaming it is taking ground away from Twitch. This is not an independent app but it is part of YouTube itself and it is already the second platform for streaming video games by number of viewers.
The new thing in this world is Facebook Gaming. The giant of social networks has taken the step of joining the live streaming of e-sports. Although this platform has been around since 2018 on an experimental basis, it was not until a few months ago that its independent app began to gain popularity. On Facebook Gaming, players can interact through groups, follow game recommendations and, of course, enter streamer transmissions.

Esports Live Streaming: The Revolution Of Twitch And Other Platforms

Which E-Sports Tournaments And Competitions Are Streamed?

Live streamings are often produced by famous gamers who want to share what they play on a daily basis. But in this space, there are many tournaments and competitions. In Twitch, it is possible to watch every day some league or championship. Twitch has even started its own competitions, called Twitch Rivals, with Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battleground tournaments. Also important are the championships organized by the ESL or by Blizzard Entertainment. This is an infinite world.