Golf Betting Online – A Closer Look at the Fundamentals

Golf is an elite sport that enjoys massive popularity in India and across the world. Playing golf might seem simple, just directing the ball to a hole, but this is far from the truth. Golf is a game of skill, and the same applies to golf betting. Even people who do not know how to play golf enjoy watching the spot. Owing to golf’s popularity and rich history, it has since carved a niche in sports betting.

India boasts of a fair share of golf bettors, only that they cannot place any bets within India. While gambling is illegal in India, no law bars punters from betting online. Therefore, as long as you are playing in a casino with a license from a credible jurisdiction, you can always place your bets.

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How Golf Works

Golf is a cross country sport where a player strikes a ball from several starting points into a series of holes. The object of the game is to put the ball on the holes with minimal strokes. In light of this, the player who manages to hole a ball with the fewest strokes wins the game.
Points are usually awarded depending on the score for each hole. Players win by accruing the most strokes overall, which often translates to the fewest points. The normal point system adopted in most courses includes:

  • Albatross – Five points
  • Eagle – Four points
  • Birdie – Three points
  • Par – Two points
  • Bogey – One point

How to Bet on Golf

Golfing betting is a relatively easy owing to the lack of complex bets. It could be as simple as betting on the possibility that a certain player will win the tournament or whether they will be among the top three positions.

Most online sports books offer various other complicated bets, but new players are advised to stick to simple bets as they familiarize themselves with complex bets. That said, here are some common bet types.

  • Outright win bet: This bet focuses on predicting that a certain player will win the game. It is worth noting that the odds of winning this bet in major competitions such as the Airtel India Golf Festival are often significantly low owing to the number of players involved.
  • Each way bet: This bet involves betting on two outcomes, one the player will win the tournament and finish highest or placed in the tournament. Each part of the bet has its odds, which are calculated differently. For instance, if the player does not win but finishes at the predicted place, you are entitled to a fraction of the possible win amount.
  • Head-to-head bet/Player specials: This bet is placed on the prediction that one of two players competing will win the game.

Factors to Consider When Betting on Golf

If you are just getting started, you need to get a good hold of the sport. In addition to understanding bet types, you also need to understand the fundamentals of the sport. That said, here is what every bettor should pay attention to before placing a bet.


Doing everything right in golf is not always enough. Experience is key. You need to pay attention to what each player has in his or her locker before placing a bet. Claiming a betting bonus will help you get started with golf betting without the risk of losing your own money.

Golf Betting Online - A Closer Look at the Fundamentals

Golf Course

There are different types of golf courses, such as links, parklands, and desserts. Considering that every golf course’s features are unique and cannot be altered, you need to pay attention to each element and which player is best placed for such conditions.


You also need to pay attention to key stats about the event and players. This, in turn, helps you understand the odds offered by the sportsbook and make informed decisions.