Grand Slam Betting – Odds on the Biggest Tennis Events

Tennis was introduced in India in the 20th century by the British during the colonial era. Ramanathan Krishnan was the first player to put India on the global map after taking up the fourth position in 1962 at Wimbledon. Players like Sania Mirza and Leander Paes have taken over the mantle and won several Grand Slam titles. In India, tennis is managed by the All India Tennis Association (AITA). This association is tasked with the responsibility to organize tournaments and identify future talent.

Ramanathan Krishnan and Premjit Lal were some of the most prominent single players in the late 19th century. On the other hand, Vijay Amritraj reached the double semi-finals in 1976 at Wimbledon. During the 1990s, the majority of players joined the competitions in the double groups. Leander Paes led India into their first win in forty-four years at the country’s first individual Olympic medal in Atlanta. Also, alongside Lisa Raymond, they teamed up and won in 1999 during the Wimbledon competition. Four years later, Paes partnered with Martina Navratilova and won Wimbledon and Australian Open.

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In the past decade, Rohan Bopanna has shown her prowess in the International Tennis Federation junior circuit. She won in the US Open and Wimbledon in 2015 after she partnered with Martina Hingis in the women’s double team. Besides, Bopanna assisted the Indian team reaches the playoff stage in the Fed Cup. As a mixed double player, Bopanna accomplished Grand Slam success in 2017 and represented India in the Olympics. India won the first Grand Slam championship at the French Open in the mixed doubles. Over the years, India has earned the Grand Slam title in men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles.

How to on the Tennis Grand Slams

Many gaming enthusiasts prefer online betting on tennis since the game presents several opportunities for consistent wins. However, this is only possible when the punters understand all the aspects that characterize tennis. The player needs to win the six games by two or more to excel in the set. In the Grand Slams, the men’s games are played in the best-of-five techniques, whereas women’s tournaments are played in the best-of-three structures. Also, several bookmakers offer the gamblers sign-up bonuses that improve the chances of winning the wagers. Some sites provide free-bets and yearlong bonuses in India during the Grand Slam.

Know the popular bets

Tennis offers a wide range of options for individuals who want to place a wager. The most prevalent wagers include the match bet, which allows individuals to bet on the player they think will win the grand slam. To maximize the wins, bettors are advised to find opportunities where the players are matched and have strong odds on each side. Moreover, handicap wager allows the tennis betting fans to select one player to win by a specific number of total games.

On the other hand, gamblers can place a wager on the under/over lines. This approach includes a two-way bet on the best of three games that end in +2.5 or -2.5. In Grand Slam betting, 2.5 is the first option that could lead to a generous payout if the match was forecasted to end in specific sets. Finally, prop betting is one of the most popular bets that allow the bettors to focus on aspects that may or may not happen regardless of who wins. Tennis props offer flexibility and variability to betting enthusiasts.

Grand Slam Betting - Odds on the Biggest Tennis Events

Key player strategy

To maximize on the wins, an insight on each player highlights their potential in future competitions. For instance, a player with a record of winning in the Grand Slam matches will be a safe bet. Conducting prior research on the games won in the previous competitions is significant while determining their likelihood to succeed in the next season. Also, a player’s form allows the bettors to identify factors such as an injury, which might affect the next game. Accessing the player form gives the tennis gamblers a competitive edge.