Hockey India League – Simple Betting Guide and Top Tips

For Indian hockey lovers, the Hockey India League (HIL) is like a religion. The game has a special place in their hearts and for good reasons. Because of sponsorship reasons, HIL is known as Coal India Hockey India League. Consisting of six teams, it is governed by Hockey India, among many others.
Notably, the league’s season falls between January and February. During this time, each team gets a chance to play ten games. At the end of the season, the four best teams are elevated into the play-offs. After this, the winner becomes the champion.

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An introduction to HIL

HIL has to be one of the most lucrative leagues for Hockey India as, since its establishment in 2013, the league has earned the governing body quite some high profits. The league’s first season in the same year it was started featured five teams. It has actually proved to be a blessing to Hockey India, which faced financial difficulties before the league was established.

The reigning champions are the Kalinga Lancers, which have occupied the position since 2017. Other teams that have also won in the past are the Delhi Waveriders, Ranchi Rays, Punjab Warriors and Ranchi Rhinos, which was actually the first champion in the league.

One of the reasons why the league became famous as soon as it began, was its remarkable signings of some prominent Indian and international field hockey players. One year after the league started, it suffered a setback. One of the teams, the Mumbai Magicians, was disbanded, but this was short-lived, as Dabang Mumbai came on board. In 2015 again, a similar incident took place almost threatening the league’s survival, as the Ranchi Rhinos, who were the league’s first champions, also disbanded after the owners went their separate ways. As in the previous case, Ranchi Rays took the team’s place as soon as it was dissolved.

Popular Teams

Let us have a look at the most popular teams in the Hockey India League.

Hockey India League - Simple Betting Guide and Top Tips
  • Dabang Mumbai
  • Kalinga Lancers
  • Delhi Waveriders
  • Punjab Warriors
  • Uttar Pradesh Wizards
  • Ranchi Rays

Popular Players

  • Mandeep Singh
  • Akashdeep Singh
  • Rupinder Pal Singh
  • Savita Punia
  • Harmanpreet Singh
  • Sadar Singh
  • Sandeep Singh
  • Jamie Dwyer
  • Moritz Fürste,
  • Teun de Nooijer

Betting Tips

For fans of hockey, the betting options in this game are limitless. Being one of the most loved sports in the country, it is no wonder there are different bookies offering punters various options to suit everyone’s needs.

One of the first steps to placing a bet on hockey is selecting a site that offers the best odds. Never be in a rush; do your research well before signing up on the different sites that allow punters to place bets on teams and players in the Hockey India League.

Always be on the lookout, as many unlicensed bookies are offering what appear to be great hockey odds, but there is still a catch; their intention is to lure more punters to sign up. There are different ways through which new punters can know whether a site is licensed or not. Some of them include:

  • If a license is missing from the site
  • Bonuses that are too good to be true
  • Suddenly suspends book-to-book transfers
  • Shoddy and unfriendly website design
  • When no one responds to your calls or texts
  • Delayed verification
  • Sudden unexplained changes especially after a win
  • Odd technicalities against you

Picking the Right Sportsbook

One of the best ways to picking the right bookie is through recommendations from other gamblers who will advise you based on their experiences. There are also online sites whose job is to solely review online casinos. Look for reviews online before signing up or making a deposit, which is required to start betting in most online bookmakers.

Here are some of the factors that will tell you whether a bookie is genuine or not.

  • Quick payouts
  • Prompt customer service
  • Good online reviews
  • Clear and reasonable terms and conditions
  • Has clearly displayed its licenses
  • Well-designed and user-friendly website
Field Hockey India League

How to Bet on Hockey

As mentioned above, the options when it comes to betting on hockey are endless. Just as in many other games, live-betting is also possible. Below are the different types of bets you are likely to find with most sportsbooks.

The match winner: This has to be the simplest of all types. In this, you bet on the team you think will take the day in a match.

Next team to score: This is as straightforward as the title. Here, you predict which team will score the next goal during a match. If you get it right, you earn cash in a matter of seconds.

Correct score: In this bet, players predict the correct score at the end of the game within the regular time. This has to be the most exciting bet as the odds keep changing as the game progresses.

Outcome/total goals: If you aren’t confident about your prediction about the outcome, never try your luck in this bet. Here, you predict the result as well as the total number of goals that will be scored.

Total goals: This bet requires you to predict the total goals you think a team will score during the match.