Kabaddi Betting – Bet On Indias Second Most Popular Sport

Kabaddi started its journey in ancient India. The game is like a tree that encompasses the various forms of the sport, including buddheliya parth, Gaminee, Punjabi, and Amar. Kabaddi has also branched out into some similar sports popular in their respective regions. Such examples will be Hadudu in Bangladesh, Bhavatik in the Maldives, Sadugudu in Tamil Nadu, Jai Bhavani in Maharashtra, Chedugudu in Andhrapradesh. Kabaddi is one of the national sports India, not cricket or horce racing as one may think . India was always a very successful nation on the world stage. However, the Indian youth were not very interested in the game until recently. Today, the Pro Kabaddi League, like the Indian Premier League in cricket, has finally made the sport very popular all across the country.

In this article, we will talk about Kabaddi betting and different aspects of the sport.

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How Do You Bet On The Game?

With the growing popularity of the sport, Kabaddi betting is getting popular in the masses day by day. So, here in this article, we will talk about how to bet on a game Kabaddi. There are some of the different aspects of betting on a set of Kabaddi.

  • Placing a Bet: While you are betting with an online Bookmaker’s website, the first step you need to take is to place your bet. The best part while betting online is that you can place your bet on a variety of sports and different aspects of a game. When you are placing your bet on an outright favourite of the game, things will be rather simple for you. You will pick a side and place a bet on their odds. You can also choose to bet on a draw if the option is available. There are many exciting aspects of a kabaddi game you can place your bet on. You can bet on the Top Raider/ Defender, The score in the first half, the winner of the match, the Player of the Match, and on many other different aspects. The more outcomes you bet on, the more you increase your chances of winning.
  • Withdrawing Your winnings: Now, have you won your first bet slip? Congratulations! Now you have to collect all your winnings. Most of the online booking website has its banking methods on their websites. Here, the players can see their winnings and withdraw their winnings whenever they want, as long as they have converted their bonus wagering requirements. There might be a maximum and minimum withdrawal limit that varies from page to page – some websites pay out to their gamblers in installments when they have won a lot of money. So make sure you have read all the T&C carefully.
Absolutely. Kabaddi, just as all other forms of sports betting, gives the skilled punter many chances for huge profit. The key is to understand the sports and the players, know what state they are currently in, and be able to successfully predict the outcome. In other words, the more Kabaddi you watch, and the better you know the players, the bigger are your chances of winning some serious money.
While in most states, it would not be considered legal to go to a Kabaddi event and place bets, you are however allowed to bet online. As you probably know by now, the Indian gambling laws don't mention the internet and gambling online. In other words, you are fine to enjoy online casino and sports betting on the internet.
There are many options for placing bets in Kabaddi. Some of the more popular ones include the match winner, number of raids, head-to-head, the individual raiders and defenders and much more. You can also bet with a number of different types of handicap.

What Kind Of Odds Are There In Kabaddi Betting?

As Kabaddi betting is not very widespread in all the parts of the world, you may not get many options to place your bet on different aspects of the game. Some booking websites may only offer you to choose the outright favourite of the game and bet on that only.

India Pakistan Kabaddi world cup 2020

While betting on an aspect of the game, you will see two or three boxes containing some decimal numbers in it. These numbers are known as odds. Let us explain it in simpler words:

Suppose you are placing a bet on the outright favourite of a game. The odds are 1.50 in favour of Team 1, and 3.60 in favour of Team 2. And you see odds of draw being the final result is 4.30. Now if you are placing a bet of 500 INR on Team 1, you will get (500*1.50) INR if you were right. Similarly, if you bet on Team 2 or draw is the result of the match, your winnings will be (your bet x odds) INR for a right bet.

Variations Of The Game

The game is like a tree that comprises similar sports with different regional names in different places. It is widely known as Hadudu in the Bangladesh, South Indians in Andhra, and Tamil Nadu call it Chedugudu, and Sedugudu respectively. The sport is popularly known as Jai Bhavani amongst the Marathis. In the Maldives, they call it Bhavatik. You can place bets on these versions of Kabaddi as well, but the original is the most popular.

India’s Performance In Kabaddi

India has one of the best national kabaddi sides in the world. India has been dominating the Kabaddi world for a long time. Both the past performances of the Men’s and Women’s national Kabaddi teams are astonishing at the world stage. Indian Men’s National Kabaddi team has been the undefeated, undisputed champions of the sport in all the versions of the Asian Indoor Games. However, Women are not far behind. India’s Women’s National Kabaddi Team have won all the international titles at the SAF games since women’s Kabaddi was introduced as a multi-sport event in the games in 2010.

Pro Kabaddi League

Kabaddi Betting - Bet On Indias Second Most Popular Sport

Pro Kabaddi League, more widely known as PKL is one of the most celebrated national sports leagues of India. The league has completed its 7th season successfully this year. It is a league of Kabaddi that occurs in the IPL format where state and city-based franchises lock their horns for the prestigious title. The current champions of the league are the Bengal Warriors. It was the first title of this franchise. The first champions of the league were Jaipur Pink Panthers. The most successful team of the league are the Patna Pirates with three titles.

Super Kabaddi League

Super Kabaddi League is another fantastic national Kabaddi league of Pakistan. The inaugural version of the league was first held in 2018. There are 10 teams playing in the league. These teams are also city-based franchises. The current champions of the league are Gujrat Warriors.

Kabaddi World Cup

 The Kabaddi World Cup is a very intense sporting event of the world held once in every four years. This event was first started in 2004 by the International Kabaddi Federation. There are 12 teams which participate in the competition. India was the last champion of the tournament in 2016. India is the most successful team of the tournament with 3 titles.

Free Bets for your favourite sports

Fans of Kabaddi betting does not have many websites to place their bets on. However, many websites offer free bets to their players. These free bets are a great opportunity for a gambler to get some free money. Because, when you make avail of a free bet, you can bet on any of your favourite game with those bets. If you lose the bet, the bet was free, and if you win, you win some hard cash without even betting with your money. It’s a win-win situation for every gambler.

India kabaddi national team

Betting Bonuses for Kabaddi

There are a lot of bonuses that the betting websites offer to their players. Here are some of the examples of different types of bonuses you can get while betting on a kabaddi game:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Cash Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Free Bets

There are more different types of bonuses that different betting websites offer to their players too. If you want to try your luck at Kabaddi betting, simply pick a website for our list of recommended betting providers, claim a generous bonus and start playing!