League of Legends – One of the Most Popular Esport Games

Sports betting is a big industry whose worth runs in billions of dollars. That is why you will find bookmakers splashing out money to players or teams in the name of sponsorship. With success stories of bettors being told all over the world today, many people have turned to online betting not only as a means of earning an income but also as a way of having fun. But there is a form of online betting, which has become as popular as sports betting. This is known as eSports betting. Together with games such as CS: GO and Dota 2, eSports betting allows you to bet on League of Legends, a game that really enjoys the status of a true legend. This guide aims to delve deeper into this video game.

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League of Legends at a Glance and How It Works

League of Legends, or LoL, as it is commonly referred to, is a popular video game and one of the most played eSports in the world. The game was released into the betting arena in 2009 and has since been known to offer millions of dollars in cash prizes. The game boasts multiple tournaments, which are held across the world, allowing punters to test their luck.

A LoL match involves two sides, which are Blue and Red. Each team has five players. The objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s Ancient. There is a total of 121 champions to choose from, and each hero possesses a unique playing style and abilities. The champions begin at the lowest level (Level One) and move up as they gather experience. The map features three lanes, which include top, mid, and bottom lanes, each leading to the base of the opponent. Along the lanes are creeps, which are spawned at 30-second intervals. Players need to kill these creeps to earn hero experience or gold, which they can use for shopping. There are three towers on each lane, which, if vandalized, expose the opponent.

How to Bet on LoL

Thanks to the status of the game, it is not surprising to note that LoL is available at the majority of the best betting websites. And while bonuses, odds, and esports betting markets of this game may vary from one bookmaker to another, the fact remains that the basics of the game are the same across all platforms. A decent betting website for LoL should feature at least all the game’s big tournaments. Once you’re sure these tournaments are available, you can opt-in and start to place your bets. Let’s take a look at some of the most common LoL bet types.

League of Legends - One of the Most Popular Esport Games


This type of bet involves predicting the individual match-winner. Here, the odds will depend on such aspects as head-to-head, current form, and many more. While most bettors fear to bet on inconsistent teams, the crux of the matter is that it can be beneficial in the long-term.

Outright Winner

This is perhaps the most popular type of bet when it comes to betting on League of Legends. In this bet, you predict the player or team that will eventually win the tournament in question. Thankfully, there are online betting sites that offer ”each way” betting. Here, the site pays you if your player or team claims a top-four spot.

First Tower/Dragon Destroyer

Here, you bet on the team or player that will destroy the first dragon. To beat the book here, you may need to watch previous matches. This way, you will be able to gain insights into the offensive play and tactics of each team.

Maps Total Under/Over

This is a popular bet type, not only in eSports betting but also in other forms of betting. Here, the betting site sets a target for the gold gained on a particular map. At the same time, punters are required to predict whether the actual game number will fall above or below the set target.

Maps Handicap

Have you heard of such terms as an underdog or odds-on favorite? This jargon is based on the fact that players and teams don’t share the same ability; thus, it would be unfair for any bookmaker to ignore this type of bet. In a handicap bet, the site which is highly unlikely to win a match is given a head start. So, if the odds-on favorite wins the match but fails to reach the set margin, it is deemed to have lost the match.

It should be noted that almost every betting site offers some betting bonuses, which players can use to place bets on the LoL tournaments. It is upon you to shop around for the best bonus deals.

League of Legends, LoL Esports India

LoL Tournaments

Truth be told, LoL has always had odds for bettors, no matter the time or season. Some of the biggest tournaments to bet on, among others, include the following:

  • LoL Worlds
  • Regional Championships
  • Mid-Season Invitational

Popular Indian Players

While India may not be where the best of the best LoL players in the world come from, that doesn’t mean the country has a shortage of LoL talents. Some of the most famous names in the country include Abhishek Sayan, Pankaj Upadhyay, Kirk Stephen, and Steve Dsouza.