NFL Betting Guide – Bet on the National Football League

With a following of over 400 million fans spread across America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, American football is one of the best sports to bet on. In this NFL betting guide, we have shared crucial information about betting on the NFL, NFL betting odds and markets, competitions, etc.

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About the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is the best American football league in the world. It’s is one of the four North American professional sports leagues. The NFL is the richest professional sports league by revenue and boasts some of the richest sports teams. The league consists of 32 teams picked from both the American Football Conference and National Football Conference.

NFL Betting Guide

As the most followed American football league and the most competitive for that matter, the NFL is the most popular American football league to bet on. This section shares crucial information that will help you get started in NFL betting.

Betting Sites with NFL Markets

The first thing players need to find is betting sites with NFL markets. As you may be aware, not all Indian bookmakers have American football markets, leave alone NFL. Next, find out whether the bookie accepts players from India if you want to enjoy the NFL betting bonuses and other promotions. Lastly, make sure the bookie has a license from any of the recognized gambling regulatory authorities.

NFL Betting Markets

Betting markets also referred to as bet types, refer to the different outcomes available on NFL events. The betting markets in NFL are just the same as those in regular American football betting. There are simple betting markets such as Moneyline, points spread, totals (over/under), parlays, pleasers, teasers, future bets, prop bets, and so on.

These betting markets apply in most of the variants of American football betting. For the record, besides the regular NFL betting and live betting, there is also NFL eSports betting where pro gamers battle it out in NFL Madden, a renowned American football video game series.

NFL Betting Odds

Besides the betting markets, players should be aware of NFL odds and how they work. Just like in regular sports betting, NFL betting has three odds formats; decimal, Moneyline, and fractional odds.

  • (a) Decimal odds (1.7 or 2.5) – Also known as European odds, the amount won is calculated by multiplying the stake by the decimal odds.
  • (b) Moneyline odds (-170 or +250) – Also known as American or US odds, the underdog (+) shows the amount players win for staking $100 while favorite (-) indicates the amount bettors need to wager to win $100.
  • (c) Fractional odds (7/4 or 13/5) – Also known as UK odds, the denominator represents the amount you need to stake to win the numerator.
NFL Betting Guide - Bet on the National Football League

Best NFL Tournaments, Teams, and Players

There are so many NFL tournaments to bet on. The list includes the regular NFL season, Kickoff game, Pro Bowl, NFL playoffs, and Super Bowl. As for the best teams, some of the outfits to put your money on include New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and Denver Broncos. Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Aaron Donald, Michael Thomas, and Patrick Mahomes lead the list of the best American football players.

Wrapping Up

That’s a beginner’s guide to NFL betting. Remember, NFL betting is not just about bragging rights; if luck is on your side, you can make money betting on NFL games. And it’s not just about luck; a little strategy goes a long way.