Payment Methods – The Most Trusted And Safe Methods In India

Now we know much about the different aspects of betting bonuses, here is how to pay. Payment is the most important aspect of betting. There are different payment methods for different betting websites. You can make the payments with eWallets, Net banking, Credit Card, Debit Card etc. Here in this part of the article, we will talk about different payment methods, how to do safe, and convenient transactions with the bookmakers. Check all the questions regarding payment answered below.

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What Payment Methods Are There, And How Do They Work?

There are different payment methods there in different bookmakers’ websites. Here are some of the most common payment methods that you can opt for:

  • Debit cards: This might be the most commonly used methods for depositing and withdrawing cash from different betting accounts. You can use the debit cards to withdraw money from your bank account. You can also do cashless transactions with these Debit cards and credit cards. Most of the bookmakers usually accept these debit cards.
India payment methods for betting

Of the most known debit cards are Visa Debit, Maestro, Visa Electron and MasterCard Debit. While transacting money using debit cards, you directly transfer it to an online betting account.

  • Credit cards: Credit cards are other fantastic options for punters of the online betting websites. Unlike the Debit cards, the Credit cards do not link to your bank account directly. The most common Credit card options are Visa, MasterCard. Some bookmakers accept American Express and Maestro. However, the Credit card options have its drawbacks too. You can only withdraw the money with your Credit card that you have initially deposited.
  • Prepaid Cards: Credit Cards and Debit cards are the two most common payment methods that are used by the punters, Prepaid Cards are also an excellent handy method that has started growing popularity. Now you can purchase prepaid cards from the MasterCard or Visa. You can use these cards easily by simply top-up the card and use it to deposit money to your betting account. You can also get a chance to manage your bankroll properly while betting. Another popular prepaid card is Paysafecard. You can also use it to fund your online betting account.
  • PayPal: PayPal is one of the most convenient payment options that you can use while betting. This online eWallet will quickly transfer your money online to your betting account. At first, you need to top-up your PayPal wallet then you can use the money in online transactions with your online betting website. Both the deposits and withdrawals with PayPal is fast, easy and convenient.

So these were some of the most convenient payment options you can have.

Are The Payment Options Safe? 

This is another very valid question troubling your mind. And our answer is yes. All these described payment options are safe. These payment options are going to make your life easier.

However, we will suggest you to consider PayPal or other eWallets accepted by your bookmaker’s website. Because, even though credit and debit cards are safe and fast transaction options, they will charge extra than usual, Because, most of the bookmakers you are placing your bet with are international. So it will be better if you top-up your eWallets and then do the needed transactions from that money.

Can You Use Rupees? 

Yes, you can use rupees. Indian Rupees are accepted in most of the online bookmakers’ websites. So you can easily make the needed transactions directly without changing the currency.

However, you should always check the bookmaker’s website. Read about the sites and their terms and conditions to know if they are accepting the Indian currency or not. You should check properly before opening an account.

Payment Methods - The Most Trusted And Safe Methods In India

Are These Payment Methods Easy And Fast? 

Well, if you look closely at the payment methods, you will know that these payment methods are very reliable, easy, and fast. This reliability and easy payment options have made things faster and convenient for the Indian gamblers online too. Each of these payment methods is very secure.

For example:

We all have a debit card nowadays. These cards are directly linked to our bank accounts. We always keep using these cards whenever we need money. We either enter in an ATM to get some cash in hand. Or sometimes we just go the market, shop, and pay with these debit cards. These are one of the best options you can opt for while doing transactions with your bank account. However, with debit cards, we have started overspending.

Hence, there comes this new payment option in the form of Credit cards. These Credit cards were not linked to your bank account. You have to top-up the credit card. Then you can use the money in your credit card until it ends in this process. Using a credit card or such things are very good options for the gamblers. Why? Well, with these payment options, they have to top-up their cards each time the money in the card ends. In this way, with a bit determination, you can manage your bankroll even when gambling.

Another fantastic, convenient, and most secure payment option is the eWallets, such as PayPal and more. With PayPal you also have to top-up the eWallet, then you can transfer the money needed to your betting account. This way, you do not have to give extra cash while transacting for gambling. Try these eWallets. Besides the easy and fast transaction is also a factor when you are opting for gambling in a match via international Sportsbook website.