Polo Betting – Bet on Horseback-Mounted Polo Competitions in India

Polo is one of the most popular sports in India. Horseback mounted polo was introduced in India in the 1800s. Initially, the game was referred to as ‘Pulu,’ which translates to the wooden ball that was used. As the popularity of polo increases, people in India devised more ways to benefit from it. One of the developed ways is polo betting. Enthusiasts of the sport and gamblers place bets on different teams, competitions, and players then win cash rewards. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now bet on your favorite teams and players through online platforms.

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Registering to play

There are many ways to place bets online. Many sportsbooks that served polo enthusiasts have created online platforms where individuals can access different markets for polo matches. To bet online, you first need to register to a website of your choice. This allows you to create an account through which you can deposit and withdraw funds in the betting process. The registration process requires you to create a profile that will be used to identify your bets.

Part of the registration process requires you to select the currency you will be using. If you are in India, you can choose the Indian Rupees if it is the most convenient currency. Online betting platforms require you to select a specific currency because they are used by people in different countries. If you are a first-time customer, some betting platforms offer registration bonuses. The amount from a betting bonus differs depending on the platform.

Getting Started With Polo Betting

Once you have registered to a site, the next step is to place your bets. Online betting platforms in India have various competitions with different teams that you can bet on. Therefore, you need to find a competition and team that best suits your betting prowess. The returns on bets place vary depending on competitions and teams taking part in the sport. For instance, betting on stronger teams playing against weaker ones attracts lesser returns since the probability of winning is high.

Online betting platforms offer different markets that you can bet on within in a match or tournament. Some platforms allow you to place bets on specific players and the exact number of points a team might get at the end of the game or competition. You can also bet on a team you think might win the game. In some cases, the platforms allow subscribers to bet on teams that are likely to win the finals in a certain competition. To keep customers on their sites, some sportsbooks offer bonuses on wins. Others allow customers to place multiple bets with the same stake and stand a chance to win jackpots.

There are several horseback-mounted polo competitions in India that you can bet on. Therefore, you need to know the favorite teams and games before betting to avoid losing money.

Popular Polo Competitions in India

The Northern India Polo Championship, LAPOLO, is one of the most competitive tournaments in India. The competition brings together elite players and teams from all over the country. Some of the renowned teams that feature in this competition include the Sona-Jindal Panther and La Pegasus. When betting on this competition, returns are likely to be high due to its competitiveness.

Polo Betting - Bet on Horseback-Mounted Polo Competitions in India

The President’s Cup

This is one of the oldest polo competitions in India. The competition was established in 1975 by the then president after becoming the Patron-in-Chief of the Indian Polo Association. The President’s Cup is competed for by over thirty teams every year. Some notable players playing in this competition include Gaurav Sahgal and Abhimanyu Pathak. More online betting platforms are being created with different features and markets. Therefore, you should have an open mind to find the best platform.