Profit Boosts – Enhanced Odds With An Odds Boost

Profit boosts or enhanced odds are a type of betting bonus offered by many sports bookmakers to incentivize new and returning customers to bet with them. The price boosts grant increased odds than is normally present on any given betting market for various sports. The manner in which they are offered varies among bookmakers so it’s best to check with multiple bookmakers to find the most favorable offers as they can greatly benefit the bettor in certain wagering opportunities. They can be offered in multiple ways, such as giving boosted odds on betting in favour of certain teams, players, leagues, or more specific wagering situations like a goal being scored or a penalty kick taking place. The narrower the betting scenario, the greater the profit.

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How does a Profit Boost work?

A typical example in the football market is – Manchester United to win the match with enhanced prices from 2.0 to 3.0 (meaning it would return three times the betting stake rather than two times on ManU winning). Some sites often offer massively enhanced odds such as 20.0 for a goal to be scored during a game. Whereas some sites offer enhanced prices in all football matches in a qualifying league, as long as the bet is made before the match starts. It tends to catch the attention of new customers and keeps them betting in the long run in order for a chance to make a great profit.

The boosted odds are most commonly offered on Moneyline, certain point spreads, and totals (over/under). A house edge (profit generated by bookmaker) is always factored into any bet a bookie is offering to ensure they profit in all or most bets made on the bookmaker’s platform. By increasing the odds they are giving away a certain portion of that profit to the bettor and lowering the house edge.

How are Profit Boosts applied?

Profit boots are applied automatically while betting on markets where the offer is available, except for live betting. They are most commonly offered in high-profile sporting events in prominent markets such as the English Premier League or NBA games as they tend to attract the widest range of audiences. They are often also granted as sign-up betting bonuses to attract new customers.

Profit boosts make attractive material for promotional content for the bookmakers to be used in print or online advertisements. Hence it is an enticing offering for both bookmakers and punters alike. They can normally be found under the “bonus offer” section on the betting site or mentioned on the betting slip. It is important to read the terms and conditions of these offers as they generally have some restrictions in the way the bets can be placed, such as a maximum stake limit.

Profit Boosts - Enhanced Odds With An Odds Boost

Time-limited and Multiple Profit Boost Offers

When multiple bets are combined into a single bet with a single combined odd it is called a parlay or an accumulator bet. These are often attractive propositions for the bettor as even a small amount of stake can result in huge profits. Some bookmakers offer enhanced odds on accumulators increasing the already combined odd manifold resulting in the potential for huge profits. For example, an accumulator bet (also known as an acca) composed of 7 bets and a combined odd of 10.0 can be increased to 100.0 with a profit boost, giving the bettor a chance to multiply their stake by a whopping hundred times. Although less likely to hit than normal bets, the potential can be huge when combined with profit boosts. Time-limited bets with enhanced odds are also offered during certain sporting events or festivals.

Hence, profit boosts or odds boost can add any extra layer of fun and profitability in wagering on sports.