PUBG Betting 2020: The Gameplay and Popular Tournaments

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is an eSports that deserve a Hall of Fame spot. PUBG introduces players to the exciting formula of battle royale. It has emerged as a successful multiplayer game with over 200 million players across the world. Today, you can bet on a wide array of PUBG markets at top odds. Millions of fans today are introduced to major leagues like PKL, NPL, PJS, PEL, and NPL. There is always a chance to bet on a PUBG match where there’s an eSport site. Find out everything you need to know.

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How Does PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Work?

The Battlegrounds game is not the usual shooter. The goal is to survive rather than reach optimum skill level. Often, you will be winning without gaining a single skill. You have to strive to be the last man standing (squad) as the match comes to an end. Contenders start with no weapon. They hunt through the map to loot and gather supplies (guns, first aid kits, and ammo) while fighting the rivals that are also on the same mission.

Combat skills are essential, and they could make a difference in how many final-10 scenarios you can achieve. Mid-game strategies also help in moving passable gear to excellent. If your enemy spots you hiding in a bush, you should be very quick to shoot them.

Winning is possible in two ways i.e., safely hide until the right time comes or go on the rampage to kill the enemy. The latter is more rewarding, but with negligible points. Hiding is not the very best option. In as much you are hiding, you should use it to your advantage to attack the unnoticing opponent. Choose a tactic based on your guns and style.

How to Bet on PUBG

Hoping to win skins and mods on a PUBG gambling site? There are numerous games you can wager PUBG coins. With a reputable bookmaker, you will have access to live betting and a deposit or welcome betting bonus, which you can use to bet more. Meanwhile, you will be introduced to a broad spectrum of tournaments as well as risk-free bets on various matches. Be on the lookout for generous odds to increase your chances of winning.

There are many ways to bet on PUBG. You can participate in a jackpot where the odds of winning are determined by the total value of the bets placed by the participants. The dealer makes a random spin to identify a winner. Another way to bet is coin flip (a 1-on-1 bet), offering each player a 50% winning chance. There is also PUBG roulette whose gameplay is similar to that of online casinos. You simply bet on a color, and you are paid if the color hits.

Popular PUBG Indian Players 2020

Several Indian teams were chosen to represent India in World League Season Zero at the official finishing of the PUBG Mobile Indian Series. Many players have shown excellent performance in the spring season. The topmost PUBG Mobile player is Jonathan Amaral from TSM Entity. A 19-year old champion has almost always emerged in the top 5 list of fraggers every time there is a tournament. He excels in just about any department with a strong squad behind him that has the potential to take the top 4 positions in the same list. In his recent performance, he was declared the top fragger of the PMPL South Asia League Stage and PMIS 2020 finals. He also scooped the second place in PMPL South Asia finals behind Clutchgod, his teammate.

PUBG Betting 2020: The Gameplay and Popular Tournaments

PUBG Competitions and Tournaments You Should Bet on

The competitive scene of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds differs slightly from other eSports. The tournaments are the sole creations of the publisher. That means talented players competing for lucrative grand prizes with professional broadcasts involved. All premier tournaments are combined to form the official PUBG tournaments circuit. Stay tuned to know the upcoming events and the many markets where you can bet on PUBG games.

There are 5 competitions you can participate in, namely PUBG Mobile League (India), PUBG Japan Series, PUBG Korea League, PUBG Europe League, and PUBG League of North America. Teams participating in this competition in 2020 include the TSM Entity, Team Hydra, The U Mumba eSports, Team Soul, GodLike, Orange Rock, SynerGE, Revenge Esports, Team 4King, and Team IND, among others. The PUBG Mobile Indian Series of 2020 has an ultimate prize of ₹50,00,000‬ INR

All competitions follow a 3-phase structure to prove if they are strong enough to join international tournaments. For starters, you should stick to 2 contests at most unless you plan on joining the global championship at the end of the year that comes with a multi-million dollar prize.