Risk-Free Bets – What Are They, and What Makes Them Different From Free Bets?

Risk-free bets are one of the Indian player’s absolute favorite bonuses for sports betting. Many however are still not quite sure what they are. It is often said that the devil lies in the detail, and, in the case of online betting sites, the fine print. Some offers that may appear lucrative would look much less attractive if they are viewed from a different perspective. Again, not understanding what each term in an online betting site means can lead you to make the wrong betting decisions.

To ensure that this does not happen to you, this article takes a detailed look at risk-free bets to help you understand them fully.

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What are Risk-Free Bets? (As opposed to free bets)

Simply put, these are bets that do not have a risk attached to them. The risk of any bet is usually losing your stake. Therefore, when a best is risk-free, it means that you do not lose your stake even if your prediction does not turn out right.

Different betting sites in India award the risk-free bet differently. In some, the stake you had placed is returned to your account balance in case the bet does not go through. In others, the house does not return the money but rather allows you to make another bet of similar value without incurring a balance deduction. The latter is often referred to as a risk-free bet bonus.

The reason why it is important to outline the above definition is that many people often confuse risk-free bets with free bets. The two are essentially different. When you receive a risk-free bet, you actually wager your own money, but without the risk of losing it. When you receive a free bet, you place a wager without using any money.

Basically, a risk-free bet only benefits you if you lose. If you win, the risk-free condition ceases to apply.

When are Risk-Free Bets Given?

Most houses offer risk-free bets when players are new to the site. They allow the players to get a feel of how the site works without getting their fingers burnt. Other times, betting sites use risk-free bets to promote a game that is generating a lot of hype. Other houses use it as a loyalty reward for players who play continuously on their platform. As a betting enthusiast, you should always look out for these offers in your favorite betting house. Often, these offers are only available for a few hours or a single day so you might miss out on them if you don’t log into your account often.

Where and When Do You Use Risk-Free Bets?

Since you do not stand to lose with risk-free bets, you should always be a bit experimental with it. Most houses allow you to use it on any sports bet of your choice, be it in a game of soccer, football, basketball or hockey.

The game you bet on should have high odds since you are cushioned from the risk of loss. You should, thus, choose carefully a game that is bound to give you nice returns. That said, you should not just use the opportunity carelessly; it doesn’t come by that often. You will need to do a good analysis to identify a team that is likely to cause a major upset. Avoid teams that are very evenly matched since the odds between them will be largely the same. Rather, observe trends and identify a fixture where a declining giant is matched against an improving minnow.

Again, you will need to check the validity of your risk-free bet. Most of these bets expire after a while and would be a major loss if not utilized. Once you know how long your risk-free bonus bet is valid and the teams you intend to bet on, hold out for the odds to hit their peak. Do not bet too early or too late. If you bet too early, you may suffer because of issues like weather or pre-game injuries. Betting late is also likely to see you miss out on when the odds are at their best.

Risk-Free terms and Conditions

Like any other offer on a betting site, risk-free bets also have conditions attached. These conditions vary from one house to another, and from one bet to the next. There are, however, some features of these conditions that are structurally similar.

The first condition to look out for is validity. Be keen on how long your betting bonus lasts so that you do not lose it. Again, confirm whether you receive a refund or a similar bet in case of loss. Most risk-free bets become null if the bet placed wins. Do not bother contacting support seeking another risk-free bet if your first one wins.

Again, you will notice that many houses place the minimum odds of games that you can utilize your free bets on. They, too, want to challenge you to go for the risky shots.

Risk-Free Bets - What Are They, and What Makes Them Different From Free Bets?

To Use or Not to Use Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are a great offer and you should definitely take advantage of them. They usually have easy terms attached, and they allow you to experiment without fear. However, you should use them wisely to benefit from them. Understand their terms and research well before placing bets.