Rugby Betting – What You Should Know About Rugby Betting in India

Are you a sport’s betting fan? Well, rugby is an exciting game that you should closely follow. Nearly every country globally has introduced this exciting game. Therefore, even from India, you can bet on international competitions. Besides, rugby betting in India is growing at a fast rate. The Indian league is made up of competitive teams involving international players and others representing national teams. Here is a list of players representing the Indian national team:

  • Sijai Lama
  • Sukumar Hembrom
  • Deepak Punia
  • Akash Balmiki

Furthermore, gamblers are not limited to betting on Indian teams and players; you can bet on famous international rugby tournaments. Some of the renowned international leagues include the following:

  • Six Nations Championship
  • Rugby Championship
  • Women’s Six Nations Championship
  • Sevens Tournament
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An Outlook into Rugby Games

Rugby involves two teams of fifteen players on each side. The game is controlled by one referee and two assistants touch judges. This game is played for two halves of 40 minutes each. Besides, there is a ten minutes break at halftime. Other breaks could be when a player is injured, and the referee gives a minute to access if the injured player is in a position to play on.

In rugby, only seven substitutes are allowed per team. Six are optional for the team, and one is reserved for injury substitute. Substituted players cannot rejoin an ongoing game unless in the case of a blood injury.

To win a rugby game, a team must score more points. These points are earned in the following ways:

  • Try- these points are earned when a player puts the ball down in the in-goal area of his opponent. Five points are won in the try-scoring chance, and a possibility of scoring more is provided if the team scores with a conversion kick.
  • Conversion Kick- a team stands a chance of bagging two more points from conversion after winning try points. The kick is taken inline with where the try was scored.
  • Penalty kick- Fouls or other infractions causes a team to be penalized. If scored, the penalty is worth three points.
  • Dropped Goal- when players drop the ball and kick it while it bounces, dropped points are earned. If the kick goes through the upright, three points are bagged by the scoring team.

How to Bet on Rugby Games

Rugby has many profit opportunities for gamblers. Nearly daily, you will find competitive matches to bet on. Besides, punters can benefit from the numerous bonuses offered. With the increasing competition in the gambling industry, pokies have numerous betting bonuses to offer to punters. Therefore, bet on rugby and stand a chance to win various bonuses like:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • Reload bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses

Betting markets on rugby range from the first try scorer to the time of other scores and straight bets. Herewith are different types of rugby betting opportunities:

  • Match betting- like most sports, rugby offers match betting where a punter chooses the winning team.
  • Handicap betting- in this betting, gamblers are required to understand the strength of teams. You can start from an advantage when betting on a weak team, while you can also start with a disadvantage side when betting on stronger teams. For instance, when betting on Argentina, a strong national team against a lowly ranked team, you can have a negative twenty points where you only win the bet if Argentina wins with more than the set points.
  • Under or over betting- Punters bet for a team to earn more or fewer points. For instance, when you bet over 20 points, the team must earn more than 20 points.
  • Player Betting- gamblers can bet on the player expected to earn points
Rugby Betting - What You Should Know About Rugby Betting in India

Rugby Live Betting

You must not be present physically at the stadium to watch a rugby game. Punters bet on a game they are following live through streaming. Live betting offers gamblers the ultimate experience of betting flexibility, more opportunities to make money, and entertainment.