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When talking about wrestling, sometimes one has a tendency to stick to the WWE show. Although it has millions of followers around the world, purists are interested in the real combat sports that are gaining in popularity. The Internet has democratized many combat sports by facilitating access to matches to a wide audience. The possibility of betting on matches only contributes to increase their popularity. What one should know about wrestling betting online?

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The different types of wrestling

There are mainly four types of wrestling.

  • Greek-Roman wrestling
  • Freestyle wrestling
  • Forkstyle wrestling
  • WWE wrestling.

WWE Style

It is difficult to talk about a fight in the literal sense of the word. It is a mixture of all forms of classical fighting and theatrical elements. It would be fair to say that it is more of a show than a real fight or MMA. But it is precisely these show features that make it so popular. Many people just want to have fun.

Greco-Roman wrestling

This is probably the most classic form. This sport is one of the Olympic disciplines. For wrestling fans, this form is the best because many tournaments are organized all over the world.

Forkstyle wrestling

For bettors, this is probably the least interesting type. It is only popular in North American universities and colleges. Athletes will appreciate it, unlike gamblers.

Freestyle wrestling

It is the most popular style and just as with Greek-Roman wrestling, many tournaments are organized around the world. It’s the perfect option for bettors.

There are other forms of wrestling popular in some parts of the world, but little known elsewhere. This is the case, for example, of the Dangal in India, also called Kushti in some parts of the country. Speaking of India, it should probably be mentioned that wrestling is a popular sport in the region since the dawn of time. Initially, it was a way to show one’s strength and agility. It was more of a game than a sport in the contemporary understanding of the term.

Betting on wrestling

Betting on other types of sports is relatively easy. As long as you understand the rules of the game, all you have to do is master the principle of betting. With wrestling, the task is a little more complex because everything depends on the wrestling one bets on. With classic wrestling, like freestyle, greek-roman wrestling, forkstyle and others. One has to watch the matches and bet on the best or those one thinks are the best.

Things get complicated when you want to bet on WWE wrestling matches. They are “rigged”, and you know pretty much from the start who will be the winner. So many people ask themselves if it is possible and necessary to bet. Is it even legal? The answer to all the questions will be positive. Yes, it is legal to bet on this match. And yes, it can be very interesting. As one specialist said, if the result is known in advance doesn’t mean that everyone knows it. Usually, only known fighters and their crew have the information, not the public.

On which site is it possible to bet? Most online casinos and betting sites offer betting options. To place a bet, all you have to do is register, watch the games, see the odds of the different players, understand the betting process of the site chosen and place a bet.

Wrestling Betting - Bet With Online Sportsbooks

Wrestling in India

As mentioned below, wrestling in India is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. It’s practiced everywhere. Apart from the national championship, hundreds of local championships and even competitions outside the official tournaments. The most popular are Bharat Kesri Dangal, Pro Wrestling League (freestyle), Hind Kesari and Maharashtra Kesari (traditional indian wrestling).

In India, the most popular type of wrestling, at least officially, is freestyle wrestling, but Greek-Roman wrestling is not neglected. The same goes for the traditional forms of wrestling. Ravi Kumar Dhahiya, Rahul Aware, Bajrang Punia, Deepak Punia, Vinesha Phogat, Pooja Dhanda, Divya Kakran, Komal Gole are all professionals who are popular both in India and internationally.