Betting online in India – Legal betting sites in India

India has always heavily restricted the idea of online betting except in a few categories such as horse racing and lotteries. Critics of gambling were always against the game. They think gambling have always induced crime, money laundering, corruption and other immense problems. So, India has always been against gambling and betting. However the country is changing. Today betting online in India is a quickly growing pasttime activity.

Many states have legalized gambling. These states get massive revenue from the gambling business. Goa government collected 135 crore revenue for the state in 2013. Goa, Daman, and Sikkim are the states that have legalized betting. Online gambling is a new concept that does not fall under the old Indian gambling laws. Meaning that it is considered safe and legal to do it.

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Popular Sports And Tournaments In India

There are a lot of popular sports in India. Indian netizens have always loved playing indoor and outdoor games. Cricket is like a religion in India. Horce racing has always been a popular past time activity. FIFA, the international governing body of world football, has recognized India as the sleeping giants of world football. In recent years, anyone can visualize the rise of Indian Football team in the last few years. Some of the best sports tournaments in India are

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  • Indian Premier League (Cricket)
  • Indian Super League (Football)
  • I-League (Football)
  • Hockey India League (Hockey)
  • Pro Kabaddi League (Kabaddi)
  • Premier Badminton League (Badminton)
  • Premier Futsal (futsal or five-a-side football)
  • I-Pro Wrestling League (Wrestling)

Some Of The Popular Teams In The Country

There are many national leagues occur every year in India. These teams are from different sports.

  • Kolkata Knight Riders: Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is the owner of this tremendously successful franchise in Cricket.
  • Chennai Super Kings: CSK is another most successful franchise of the Indian Premier League.
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers: Abhishek Bacchan from the Bacchan family own this Kabaddi league franchise. They are the first-ever winners of the Pro Kabaddi League.
  • Bengaluru FC: Playing in the first division league of Indian football, Bengaluru FC is one of the most successful teams of Indian football. They were the winners of the then first division football league, i.e. I-league in their very first year of participation.
  • Quess East Bengal FC: Playing in the now second division of Indian Football, East Bengal is another very successful football team of the country.
  • Indian National Cricket Team: Cricket is like a religion in India. Both the Men’s and the Women’s National Cricket team are dominating at the world stage as ever. 
  • Indian National Football Team: The sleeping giant of Indian Football is rising slowly but steadily.                                                                                    
Yes. Online gambling is completely safe. The companies have various licenses and are audited by governments and agencies to ensure that the platforms are safe and secure. Your personal and private information is always protected by the highest quality encryption programs.
Yes. It may be true that traditional gambling is not legal in India. However, there are no mentions of online gambling in the old Indian laws. This means that online platforms do not fall under the old prohibitions. Thus it is perfectly legal.
This depends on a lot of different factors. It varies from person to person. Some people value a great bonus the most, while some people want the best and quickest mobile platform. In out list of recommended betting companies you will find the websites we have found to be the absolute best ones in India.
A betting bonus is a gift from the betting website to the customer. It comes for free, but may have some terms and conditions attached to it. These bonuses are a way for the betting companies to attract new customer to their website. You can read all about it in our "betting bonus" article.
You can bet on pretty much everything you can imagine! You will find traditional sport like cricket, football and basketball. If you prefer it, you can also find different motorsports and eSports. You can even bet on things such as events, competitions and even political elections!

Popular And Famous Players

India has produced some of the best players in different sports over the years. We have star players in Cricket, Football, Badminton, Boxing, Hockey, Kabaddi, and more. Here are the names of some of the best players in different sports here in India.

Sachin Tendulkar from Cricket, Sunil Chettri from football, Leander Paes from Tennis are some of the greats. India has produced one of the undisputed chess champions in Viswanathan Anand, and many grandmasters. We had great athletes in Jyotirmoyee Shikdar, Milkha Singh, P.T Usha. Hima Das in athletics, Dipa Karmakar in gymnastics, PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Parupalli Kashyap in badminton too. The nation has produced a lot of great players in wrestling such as Sushil Kumar, Gita and Babita Phogat. Vijender Singh, Mary Kom has also brightened the face of our nation in the boxing world. There are much great hockey and Kabaddi players too.

Sports Betting Bonuses – Everything You Need To Know

Almost every online Sports betting websites come with various lucrative bonus offers. And most of the players are attracted to the betting websites while looking at these bonuses. Because, obviously, everyone just loves free money.

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There are many players for whom deposit bonuses are the defining aspect while they opt to choose a Sportsbook. For them, the payout seeds, Overall odds and all the other factors become negligible as soon as they see a lucrative deposit bonus offer.

Betting bonuses are a tremendously beautiful way to boost our bankroll. This is a fantastic option for novice bettors. However, choosing a perfect bonus for your first betting website account is not as simple as depositing and collecting money away. There are some specific rules and guidelines set by the betting websites that bettors should follow to ensure that they are getting a fair shake while accepting the bonus offer.

A bonus offer can look in many different aspects. There can be different requirements depending on what kind of bonus are you choosing. Various websites may have different names and different wagering requirements for their bonuses. You will find everything from and welcome offer to sports betting bonus, to free bets. The list is longer than you imagine.

Different Types Of Sports Betting Bonuses

Online Sportsbooks offer a lot of different types of bonuses to their players. Here are some of the examples given below.

  • Signup or Welcome Bonuses: The Signup or welcome offer we have mentioned earlier is also a type Sports betting bonus. In this way, you can get a certain percentage of your deposited money while signing up on a betting website.
  • Cash Bonuses: Cash bonuses are very small online Sportsbook bonus. The cash bonuses are fixed and comes in a much lower amount. You can use this money anywhere in the game.
  • No Deposit Bonus: There are a lot of online Sportsbooks that will offer their players no-deposit bonus with the first login. The amount will be deposited to your account so that you can place some bets without depositing any money to your account.
  • Reload Bonuses: Many sportsbooks offer you a reload bonus for the next deposit after you have received your welcome bonus. Sometimes these betting sites offer this reload bonus straight on the second deposit. Some Sportsbooks offer to reload bonuses during their special events.
  • Free bet bonuses: This is another fantastic bonus that allows the players to place a bet not using their own money. Any player can acquire these fantastic free bets without making a deposit. The best part of this amazing bonus is that, if you win with this fantastic wager, you can take all your winning.
  • Match Play Bonuses: match play Bonuses are not like the cash bonuses. This is for the players who perform well on the events. The bettor can also get these bonuses when they have a significant rollover requirement.
  • Bonus on Loss: It is very normal for bettors to lose many of their bets. Therefore, some of the Sportsbook make sure that such losses do not discourage the players or do not stop them from playing. So, there are some of the betting websites which also offer their customers the bonuses on loss.
  • Loyalty Bonus: There are a lot of unique online sportsbooks that are offered to their most loyal customers. The best Sports betting website also practices this fabulous bonus offers to retain their customers. This is the accrual of loyalty point that a player will gain by placing a bet. Once you have accumulated some specific number of points, the player can easily redeem his/her reward with cash, free bets, or any other thing.
  • High roller Bonus: High Roller bonuses are mostly given to those who have a large bankroll. This can be a large amount of money.

What Are Free Bets?

Free bets for sportsbetting india

A lot of different sports betting websites offer free bets to their players. However, you should have a clear conception about these free bets before you opt for them.

A free bet is a type of bonus that almost every betting website offers to their players. They give these free bets away regularly. Usually, a betting website offers a free bet of certain value such as 2,000. The players will use these free bets to place a wager on their favourite sporting events at almost zero cost. If the player won the wager, (s)he would just win him/herself some free cash. So, this is a fantastic way to get some free money.

What Is A Welcome Offer In Sports Betting?

The welcome offer is one of the prevalent concepts used by popular casinos and betting websites to attract more players. Most of the casinos provide a welcome offer to their new players. This offer usually comes in the form of bonus that the player will get when (s)he is depositing money into the newly opened betting account. In most of the cases, the betting sites will match your deposit. That means if you are depositing 5,000, they will give you an additional 5,000 on top of that. There are many different types of welcome offers on the market.

Is Betting Legal Here In India?

Now, as we know most of the crucial aspects of Sportsbetting, here comes the most crucial question, is betting legal in India? The short answer is: Online gambling is not illegal. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

Betting is illegal in parts of India. However, there are different states of the country that collects a lot of revenue every year from the casino. Goa, Daman, and Sikkim are the three states that have legalized betting in between their borders.

However, there is not any law that says betting is an illegal activity. The offshore betting companies are using the loophole to attract Indians to bet on almost everything, mostly their favourite sports. And pretty much expectedly, IPL comes on top of the list.

Therefore, when the question arises on the legality of betting or gambling in India, law and order of the country does not have a specific law that bans individual customers from placing an online bet with bookmakers based outside the country.

Thus, different online betting agencies such as bet365, William Hill, and other top-class betting agencies accept bets from Indian addresses. Bet365 is one-step forward saying that they accept bets from every state of the country.

According to the public gambling act of 1867, any kind of gambling in India is illegal. Running a gambling business in India is a punishable offence. Visiting a casino is also a punishable offence in India. However, unlike the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act in the US, India does not have any law that bars online gambling. This means that betting and gambling on the internet can not be considered illegal.

How To Deposit Money On A Sport Betting Website?

Well, now as we know that online gambling is legal in India, you may want to visit a betting website to start playing now. But once you have entered the site and completed the first few procedures, now you might be wondering how to deposit money straight to your betting account.

Well, here we are to solve your problem. If you are wondering about how to deposit money to your betting account, then look no more. This part of the article will tell you about the solution you were looking for.

Depositing money to their betting account might seem like a tough job for the Indians. Most of the bookmakers have their customers spread all over the world. But these betting websites had to think about their customers worldwide. Thus, these bookmakers have a vast range of methods to ensure that all their clients can access to a swift and hassle-free transaction service while playing with them.

Depositing money via bank transfer is the easiest payment method worldwide. This is the most hassle-free, easy and straightforward way. In case you do not have a bank account, you can still try depositing money with some other methods too.

You can use eWallets for this kind of transfers. Because, although eBanking is the most straightforward options, it is not recommended for anyone in India to do an international bank transfer. Using eWallets is a far more comfortable option than bank transfer will ever be. To do that, you should first transfer the money into an eWallet, and then you should transfer the money to the betting website. In order to use an eWallet, all you need to do is visit the website and register an account. It is usually free and absolutely safe. Don’t forget to check which eWallets are allowed at the betting site of your choice.

What Makes Betting Online Easy And Better?

Rugby betting on the internet

Just because technology has become an inevitable part of our lives, online betting was something inevitable in gamblers lives. Nowadays, when everything has become very fast-paced people does not get enough time to hit the casino clubs every day. But gamblers are gamblers. You just can’t stop them from playing or betting on their favourite game. In this situation, online gambling hit the market. And the best part is, it has won the hearts of the gamblers since its inception.

Online gaming is a very easy and convenient concept. It is so easy that even the first-timers do not have to spend hours to understand the game. A half-n hour will be enough for anyone for an in-depth understanding of the game. So, first-timers also play this game with full of enthusiasm.

Why Is Online Betting Better Than Traditional?

Well, here are some of the advantages of online gambling that you may not find in the other forms of the game. Check out the advantages of online gambling below to understand why it is better than traditional gambling.

  • Online gambling is convenient: Online gambling is more convenient than traditional ones. You don’t have to manage time to hit the casino clubs every night. With online gambling, you can now bet on your favourite game, or also can play your favourite game on your mobile device.
  • It’s safe: This might be hard to digest for the old skool people, but, online betting is even safer than the traditional offline betting chains. Online betting offers more reliable transactions and more.
  • It’s easy: Visiting a bookmaking shop or a casino Sportbook for gaming can be very daunting of experience for novice bettors. Instead of that, novice bettors nowadays are more convenient using online betting websites to bet on their favourite games.

Can You Use Indian Rupees For Betting Online?

Now, as we know more about Sportsbetting in India online, this question will inevitably rise inside your mind. Well, the answer is yes. You can bet using Indian Rupees online. There are a lot of betting websites that accepts INR from their players.

In the early days of online betting in India, there were not many bookmakers accepting INR from Indian players. However, now, there is a range of booking websites which accept deposits in Indian Rupees. But, whenever you as an Indian user are opting to choose a betting website for yourself, you should check the flexibility of payment to avoid further complication. There are very few betting websites which offer bonus amounts that are equivalent to other currencies such as USD and EUR. However, these websites support INR deposits and betting. In our list of recommended betting sites for Indian players, you can rest assured that you can use your Rupees!

Mobile Betting In India – Everything You Need To Know

A lot has changed in the online betting market of India in the last few years. Gambler is happy that they now can bet on their favourite sports matches online from their mobile phone. If you are looking for Indian online betting websites that will help you to bet on your favourite sport, then you are in the right part of the article. Here we are going to tell you about different Indian online betting websites. Here we will shed some light on the top-level betting websites that accept bets from their Indian players too.

So, check out below to know about the top-class betting websites who are now providing online betting to their Indian customers. Check out the list below.

  • Betway: Betway, the UK based online gambling website provides some of the best online sports betting option to their Indian Customers. Try these fantastic websites as they offer a magnificent welcome offer to their customers.
  • 10Cric: It is an online bookmaker’s website that focuses on catering to the Indian population. They have operated in other markets as well. However, now, 10CRIC is completely dedicating their all for online betting in India.
  • Betfair: Betfair is a gambling company that has the world’s largest online betting exchange. This fantastic company also offers Sportsbook, Online Casinos, Online Poker and more to their players. Now, Betfair is targeting the slowly growing online betting market in India.
  • Bet365: It is another UK based leading online gambling website. It is also a fantastic website for gambling.
Betting on sports and athletics india

How To Start Online Sports Betting In India?

If you are a novice bettor, then how to start the online Sports betting in India must be a fundamental question arisen in your mind.

Well, online gaming is an effortless thing to play. It is easy to understand, as well. All you need to do is to choose an online sports betting providing service. You can do that by comparing different websites and the deciding factors. We have gathered all the information you need and the best betting websites for the Indian market here on our recommended list. Now you just need to pick one, make a deposit, claim your bonus and start!