Badminton Betting – Real Money Odds On One Of Indias Favourite Sports

While badminton is not at the same level as cricket on the Indian soil (at least for now), it enjoys significant popularity among players and spectators alike. It is played for recreation and fun in various localities and clubs within the country. And in a nation of more than a billion people, it would be absurd to imagine that there are no badminton talents and fans. On top of these amateur badminton encounters, India is also home to professional badminton, played under the eagle eye of the Badminton Authority of India (BAI).

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How the Game Badminton Works

Badminton is an indoor game that works straightforwardly, and the rules of the game are clear and easy to follow. You will need to play the game by hitting the shuttlecock over the net. In so doing, you must ensure that the shuttlecock lands inside the designated area of the court. Once you hit the shuttlecock, your opponent will return it, resulting in what is known as a rally. If you hit the shuttlecock and it hits the net or goes outside the field during a rally, your opponent earns a point. However, the point will be yours if you hit the shuttlecock, and it lands in the court of your opponent before he returns it. Twenty-one points typically win each set. Please note that the rules of the game are not unique to India. Instead, they are the same everywhere and anywhere.

Badminton Betting - Real Money Odds On One Of Indias Favourite Sports

How to Bet on Badminton Online in India

The process of betting on badminton online remains the same across betting sites, irrespective of your country of residence. To begin with, you must create a betting account with a sportsbook that takes bets on badminton. A simple search online will show hundreds of bookmakers operating in India, so your task will be to survey a handful of them and choose the one you think suits you best. Once your account is up and running, you can fund your digital wallet, select the badminton match you want to bet on, and start placing bets. Remember to check if the book has at least one banking method that you can use for your financial transactions. Want to stand a chance of beating the bookmaker? Place your bets with the utmost care. This could be done by looking at the current form of the players, the head-to-head performance, and things like that.

Bonuses for Indian Badminton Bettors

With the rise and success of badminton talents in India (P.V. Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, K. Shrikant, and many more), the game has found its way into the hearts of many bookmakers, with the majority of them now taking bets on the same. As more and more betting sites come up in the country, competition for bettors increases, forcing these platforms to come up with innovative ways of wooing players. Betting bonus offers one of those creative ways. With rewards being free money, there is no point in passing them. The bonuses may vary in terms of value and type, but it goes without mentioning that most badminton betting sites in India offer welcome packages to their new members. Some sites also have other promotional campaigns, which enable them to entice and retain bettors.

Live Betting on Badminton

Most betting sites in India offer live betting, which is an exciting feature for any betting enthusiast. Live betting is usually accompanied by live streaming, which allows you to watch every bit of the match so you can make correct predictions based on the progress of the game, place a bet in a split second, and win some good money. You can live betting on a wide range of markets, including the set winner, who will score the next point, blah blah.

Popular Badminton Tournaments to Bet on

As a bettor in India, you have a wealth of options when it comes to badminton tournaments you can bet on. You can bet on either international badminton tournaments or India’s domestic badminton tournaments.

International Badminton Tournaments

Here are some of the tournaments you can invest in on the international stage.

Olympics: This is undoubtedly the biggest stage for badminton but other sports as well. Here is where you get to watch the best of badminton talents locking horns with each other. It is a dream for some players to qualify for this tournament; they don’t care whether they will win something or not. Given the stature of this event, bookmakers would lose a big deal if they failed to offer betting markets on the same.

BWF World Championships: This tournament was inaugurated in 1977, and it takes place annually. The competition gives a chance to top talents to showcase their prowess in badminton and try their luck. While players hunt for the title, fans can hunt for big cash by betting on this tournament.

BWF Super Series: This is a two-tier championship started by Badminton World Federation, an organization that governs the sport around the world. The tournament was launched in 2006, and it pulls talents and crowds from all over the world. Besides the thrill of watching this tournament, you also have the opportunity to invest your rupees on your favorite matches and win real money.

In addition to the above global tournaments (and of course, others), there is a raft of domestic badminton tournaments in India, which you can wager on. These tournaments include Premier Badminton League, Sub Junior Indian National Badminton Championships, and Indian National Badminton Championships.

Top Badminton Talents in India

Ever since the country embraced badminton as a professional sport, India has never been short of talents. And while you could name hundreds of top badminton talents (male and female) in this populous country, the following names lead as others follow. Mentioned below have been and are still (some of them) a delight to watch, whether in local or international tournaments.
Here are they:

Badminton odds and betting in india
  • Jwala Sindhu
  • Syed Modi
  • Chetan Anand
  • Anup Sridhar
  • Aparna Popat
  • Nandu Natekar
  • Jwala Gutta
  • Pullela Gopichand
  • P.V. Sindhu
  • Prakash Padukone
  • Saina Nehwal
  • Parupalli Kashyap
  • Srikanth Kidambi