Overwatch: A Popular Shooter Game With Many Betting Opportunities

E-sports have been a sensation for many years, and now, it is one of the most important spaces in the world of betting. More and more, the players of different e-sports are becoming popular all over the world, and they get more rewards. One of the games that have become more popular in recent years is Overwatch, a video game produced by Blizzard. It’s an FPS type in which the characters are grouped into teams and act as heroes, who attack and defend their positions in a futuristic Earth. The success of Overwatch is such that betting on different teams in tournaments and competitions has increased, even in India.

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What is Overwatch?

Overwatch betting in India

Imagine an Earth in sixty years, where heroes have the task of salvation. Thirty years ago, the Omnic Crisis was caused by the Omnics, humanized robots that started to attack human beings. Overwatch is a task force of the United Nations that seeks to restore peace in the world in the face of the attack of the Omnics. The success of Overwatch’s work kept the organization going over time, but an internal struggle began to discredit Overwatch until the organization was dissolved.

The world again faces threats, and there are attempts to restore Overwatch clandestinely. The game is usually divided into two groups of six players, as two teams oppose each other. In addition, each player can select a class of heroes to play. There are three classes: tank, offense, defense, and support heroes.

Overwatch has different game modes, which allow you to have completely different missions. All the heroes will play different missions, which can be assault, control, escort, or hybrid. Much of the game is set in locations that resemble real-world cities, which increases the video game’s link to planet Earth.

What Do I Need To Know For Betting On Overwatch?

Overwatch is a team game, and the bets mainly focus on which team will win, and what things will happen in the game for a team to win. The most popular are money-line bets, outright bets, or even accumulator bets, especially in tournaments.

Esports betting, in general, is not easy. In Overwatch, you must research the video game, its characters, features, and also the players and their performance, both individually and as a team. Having access to all this information is easier since it is possible to watch videos of Overwatch tournaments on YouTube, through which you can study the different strategies of the teams and bet intelligently.

It is important if you decide to bet on Overwatch to make your own calculations. You can consider the odds of different betting sites, but you must also consider which mode will be played: if it’s a three or six format if they are on a good run or not… Always consult more information that will allow you to bet more intelligently.

What Overwatch Competitions And Tournaments Are There To Bet On?

There are dozens of Overwatch competitions worldwide, but the most profitable ones are usually the best known. That’s why the Overwatch League, organized by the company that created the game, has been played permanently since 2018. Twenty teams participate in it, grouped in two conferences and four groups. Eleven teams are from the United States, four are Chinese, two are Canadian, one is British, one is South Korean, and one is French.

In addition, the countries are grouped into teams to play, each year, the Overwatch World Cup. So far, there have been four editions: in 2016, 2017, and 2018 South Korea won, while in 2019, the United States won. Although there are many smaller regional competitions, the two most significant Overwatch events important to betting are the League and the World Cup. Keep in mind that more and more e-betting platforms offer Overwatch tournaments, and many of them grant different welcome and another type of betting bonuses that you can use to bet.

Overwatch: A Popular Shooter Game With Many Betting Opportunities

Which Teams From India Have Participated In Overwatch Tournaments?

In India, Overwatch is growing rapidly. The biggest impact was in 2019 when a team representing India participated in the qualifying phase of the Overwatch World Cup. Although they failed to qualify from the select club of the ten participating World Cup teams, that year, kcot, Cruzi, Archangel, DjDestiny, NGHTMRE2k, PrimalMage, and Soulhunter made history by representing the country in this competition. It will only be a matter of time before India is a regular guest at the Overwatch World Cup.