Premier League – How to bet on EPL football online

The Premier League (EPL) is the highest level football league tier in England. The league features 20 teams in each season. The league participants are determined by a promotion and relegation system, where the worst-performing teams are relegated to the EFL Championship, and top teams from the EFL promoted to the EPL. Throughout the season, each team plays 38 home and matches. Premier League betting is one of the most action packed football experiences in the world. This is what you need to know about it:

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History of the EPL

The EPL was founded in 1992 after several clubs broke away from the Football League. The new league then took advantage of a TV rights deal, which popularized it both locally and internationally. Currently, EPL ranks the first position as the most-watched sports league across the globe. It is estimated to have an audience of up to 4.7 billion people.

From the time of the league’s inception in 1992, 49 teams have competed in it. Out of the 49 teams, 47 are English, and the other two are Welsh clubs. Only seven of the teams have ever won the EPL title, with Manchester holding the record for the most wins.

Competition Format

As mentioned earlier, the league involves 20 teams. Each team plays 19 games in their home stadiums against all the other teams and 19 away matches. Each win earns the winning team three points, a draw earns both teams a point, whereas the losing team is not awarded any point.

The teams’ rankings are determined by the total points a team has at the end of the season. If top teams tie points, goal difference and the number of scored goals are used to break the tie. On the flip side, three lowest ranking teams are relegated, especially if they have less than 40 points. This means that any team that gets 40 points is assured of featuring in the next season, irrespective of their position.

Top Reasons to Bet on EPL

For starters, nearly all EPL matches are usually aired on live TV. That means you can watch all the games to get a better understanding of how the teams perform. Knowledge of teams’ performances is crucial when deciding which team to bet on, as it increases your winning chances. TV coverage also allows for live betting.

The EPL also has 760 games played for each season. Each of those games provides numerous betting opportunities. As a gambler, you will always have a chance to make money from the games as long as the season is still on.

Being among the most popular league in the world also works quite well for bettors. That is because people from around the globe try to analyze the games and predict the winners. That means you can access a lot of information regarding the games, reducing the amount of research you need to make informed bets.

The EPL also tends to have much better odds for the games compared to other leagues. That is mostly because of how competitive the league is. You stand to make higher profits betting on EPL games because of the higher odds.

How to Bet on the EPL

Start by choosing a football betting site. Some of the considerations to make when selecting a betting site include bonuses offered, banking options, and user-friendliness. The site should also provide a variety of betting markets for EPL games.

Premier League - How to bet on EPL football online

Betting Tips

To increase your winning chances, ensure that you always research the teams you intend to wager on. Find out about the history of the team’s current form, player availability, and any other information that can influence performance.

Always choose the right matches on which you place your bets. For example, predicting the outcome between a top-performing team and a team at the bottom of the league’s table is a lot easier, making the match good for online betting. Keep in mind that the odds for such might be significantly lower.

You should also choose the right type of bet, which gives you the highest winning chances according to the research you do for the game. Examples of bets types include over/under, goal times, and winning team, among many others.