Betting On Motorsports – Exploring the Fundamentals of Motorsports in India

Sports betting is fast becoming mainstream since the inception of online betting. It all started with horse races before it later spread to other sporting events, especially those that enjoy a global appeal such as soccer, basketball, and cricket, among others such as motorsports. For those with some experience in horse race betting but would prefer something more exciting, motorsports betting might be the real deal. If you are new to motorsports and want to give motorsport betting a try, this article intends to provide the motorsports betting basics.

Formula One is undoubtedly the pinnacle of motorsport events. But keen motoring enthusiasts know that there is more to enjoy than just Formula One. On a global scale, some notable motorsports invent include the Dakar Rally, Isle of Man TT, and the Monaco Grand Prix. The growing interest in motorsports betting is mirrored in betting circles. There are numerous opportunities to make money from different markets.

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How Does Motorsports Betting Work?

As far as motorsport betting is concerned, most sportsbooks, like 22bet focus on major events. Motorsports betting is unique to mainstream sports betting in many regards, even though the concepts and strategies employed are largely similar to those used in other sports. Even though being strategic is essential, betting is all about getting the basics right. To help you get started in motorsports, you should be aware of the betting markets.

Common Motorsport Bets

  • Fastest qualifier: Before a race, there are series of qualifiers to determine who will start at the grid’s front. Your job here is to choose the driver with the fastest qualifying times.
  • Podium finish: This bet is all about predicting who will earn a podium finish from the race. In motorsports, a player who finishes in the first three positions to earn a spot on the podium. This bet is also known as the ‘Top Three Finish.’
  • Top six finish: Just like the podium bet, where you predict where a driver will finish, this bet is all about betting on whether he or she will end up in the first six positions.
  • Winning margin: The winning margin bet requires the punter to predict the time between the winner and the second-placed driver. Sportsbooks provide several options, so it is up to you to choose.
  • Prop bet: Also known as a side bet, prop bets essentially covers events that do not have any effect on the race’s result. In motorsports, prop bets may cover things like the fastest lap, the stage where a driver might come off the pitch, or the quickest driver who will not win the race, among other prop bets.

There are many other exciting bets like the non-finish bet, matching bet, or predicting the winner. Most bet types are relatively straightforward, meaning that even someone with minimal experience in the sport can take a go at motorsport betting.

Indian Motorsport Events

Indian motorsports fans can wager on their favorite events almost every week. Besides betting on international races, some punters might want to try motorsports events that are closer home. Here are some top Indian motorsport events:

  • Indian Autocross Championship
  • Nazir Hoosein Memorial Drive
  • The Vale Run
  • Gumball India
  • Chennai Motorsport
  • Race of Legends
Betting On Motorsports - Exploring the Fundamentals of Motorsports in India

Famous Indian Motorsport Drivers

While wagering on Indian motorsport events, which mostly feature locals, it is always good to start by identifying some of the big names in the industry. Some of the big names in the Indian racing industry include:

  • Narain Karthikeyan
  • Aditya Patel
  • Karun Chandhok
  • Gaurav Gill
  • Sailesh Bolisetti
  • Armaan Ebrahim

India indeed has great potential as far as motorsports are concerned. The fact that local and global races are featured in most online betting sites means that Indian punters have plenty of markets to choose from, covering a wide range of races and events.