Tennis Betting – Bet On The Many Great Indian Tennis Players

Tennis is not a new game on the face of the earth. In India alone, the sport has a long history, having been borrowed from Britain. It is an exciting game which puts players’ physical strength and mental capacity to the test. With hundreds of fans across the world turning up to watch tennis matches, no one can dispute the status of this game as one of the world’s most popular individual sports. And the game has no boundaries. It is as popular in Asia as it is in Europe, and it is a darling for fans in America just as it is in Africa and Australia. As with any sport, this one also offers a great opportunity for Tennis betting fans to grow their bankrolls. In India, the fans of tennis are allowed to place bets on games at any time and place, thanks to the online sportsbooks.

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How Tennis Works

A tennis match can either be a singles match or a doubles match. While the singles match has one player on each side of the court, the doubles game has two players on either side. Each player is required to have a stringed racket, which they use to hit the ball over the net. Each team or player is allowed no more than one bounce to return the ball to the opponent’s side. However, players (teams) in wheelchair tennis are allowed up to two bounces. Failure to return the ball to the opponent’s side within the allowed number of bounces earns the opponent a point. To win a tennis game, set, or match, the player (team) must win enough points, games, and sets, respectively.

How to Bet on Tennis Online in India

Tennis Betting - Bet On The Many Great Indian Tennis Players

You have decided to try your luck at betting on tennis, and you have found a suitable online sportsbook where you want to invest your money. You have also deposited funds into your betting account. That does not mean that every bet you place will be successful. Betting on tennis in India is no different from gambling on the same sport in other countries, like football betting or cricket betting in England!. Remember, all bookmakers are revenue-oriented businesses; thus, they have the same primary goals. As such, it is essential to enter the world of betting, knowing that a bet can either be successful for you or for the bookmaker. With frequent research and careful analysis of matches and teams, however, you should be able to beat the book more often than not.

Since you will not amass enough gambling experience overnight to be able to beat the bookmaker, you will need to tread carefully, especially when starting out. While big bets may be tempting at times, it is advisable to start with small bets and increase your bet sizes as you gain experience. One thing to remember is that tennis is here to stay; thus, you will have a whole world of opportunities to make money betting on this game. So, there is no need to be in a hurry. Take your time to learn how the betting markets and odds work, develop your own strategy, and take advantage of any bonuses. Thankfully, India is home to dozens of tennis betting websites where you will find lots of lucrative bonus offers. Most sites will offer you welcome bonuses to win your commitment.

Live Betting on Tennis

Bookmakers in India are doing everything in their power to ensure that bettors have everything it takes to win money. Whish is why most of them now offer live streaming. Gone are the days when you could only place a bet before a match starts. You no longer have to wait for your fate after the final whistle. With live betting, your destiny is in your own hands as you can analyze the progress of the match and easily place a winning bet.

The best part is that live betting comes with better odds than the initial odds, which means you could wager and win big in the last few minutes of the game. And, most betting sites in India allow bettors to stream live matches and watch players in action. So, if you think that Saketh Myneni will win the next set, then you can put your money on that player, sit back for a few minutes, and walk home with cash, irrespective of how you placed your prematch bet.

Tennis Tournaments to Bet on in India

If you are looking for big tennis tournaments to bet on in India, then the options are never short. From the Olympics and the Australian Open to the US Open and Roland-Garros (the French Open), you will be spoiled for choice. Other top tournaments that offer massive opportunities for bettors in India include Wimbledon, the Masters, and the ATP Finals. And of course, sportsbooks in the country also offer betting markets and excellent odds on a raft of other domestic tournaments. In a nutshell, you will never have to look hard to have fun.

Top Tennis Talents in India

When the best tennis players are mentioned, people quickly begin thinking of the Williams sisters. But India has got its own talents. While different people have different opinions when it comes to choosing the best tennis players in India, there are Indian talents that you cannot afford to ignore. Yes, the list here may not include your favorite players. But that does not mean that any tennis player in India whose name does not appear here is not a top talent. In fact, there are hundreds of top tennis players in the country. But since we must work with a limited number here, leaving them out does not make them lesser players in any way. The following are the top five picks.

  • Saketh Myneni
  • Leander Paes
  • Mahesh Bhupathi
  • Saina Mirza
  • Somdev Devvarman
Tennis betting online. India.


Tennis is one of the most popular games not only in India but in the world at large. While watching the game is fun, betting on this sport can help grow your bankroll from scratch. Just be sure to understand how players or teams perform, analyze the odds, grab any bonuses offered to you, and start with small bets.