T20 World Cup Betting – What you need to know

Not to be confused with the year 2020, T20 which stands for Twenty20 is a significantly condensed game format of a traditional cricket game. This cricket format has only been introduced in this century by the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) and accepted by the ICC (International Cricket Council). Here we will explore Twenty20 game rules played internationally and take you through the T20 World Cup.

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Twenty20 Game Fan Appeal

Twenty20 has become arguably the most popular cricket game format. Naturally, it is also the most popular format for cricket betting. In Twenty20 cricket two teams have a single 90-minute ‘inning’ each with a maximum of 20 ‘overs’ and a 10-minute break between each inning. What makes Twenty20 games unique and slightly more appealing for fans is that they can be played within approximately three hours in line with other international sporting events vs the multi-day or multi-hour games played in traditional Test Matches (First Class) and One Day Matches (List A) games.

To explain further Test Match games typically roll over 3 days with two innings each team. One Day Matches are actually quite similar to Twenty20 in that is contained within one day with limited-overs but again are quite lengthy typically lasting over 8 hours. By introducing T20 matches the ICC is able to attract more fans due to limited attention spans and capitalise on more games.

Twenty20 World Cup

The International Cricket Council initiated the first international men’s Twenty20 tournament in 2007 known as the ICC T20 World Cup which India triumphed and took the trophy home. The Twenty20 World Cup Tournament occurs every 2 years. West Indies hold the current title and are two-time reigning World Cup champions having won in 2012 and now 2016. Although the men’s tournament started the World Cup tournament the Women’s International Cricket League also made its way into the T20 World Cup from 2009.

Twenty20 Winners

In the men’s Twenty20 World Cup series there have been some major upsets with all countries competing aggressively for the World Cup title. West Indies is the only team to have achieved more than one World Cup title win but India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka need only one more title to be on par, Australia and England are yet to win a Twenty20 World Cup for the men’s division however the opposite is true for the women’s division with Australia winning 6 Twenty20 World Cup Championships to date. This competition is one of the biggest events in Indian online betting.

Men’s Twenty20 World Cup Championship Titles

  • 2007: India
  • 2009: Pakistan
  • 2010: England
  • 2012: West Indies
  • 2014: Sri Lanka
  • 2016: West Indies

Women’s Twenty20 World Cup Championship Titles

T20 World Cup Betting - What you need to know
  • 2009: England
  • 2010: Australia
  • 2012: Australia
  • 2014: Australia
  • 2016: West Indies
  • 2018: Australia
  • 2020: Australia

When is the Next Twenty20 WC?

To date, India and England hosted the Twenty20 World Cup Games however just before the world pandemic Australia was also able to host the 2020 Women’s T20 World Cup but because they split the tournament between women’s and men’s the mens tournament has been delayed until October and/or November due to the current distancing limitations.