Field Hockey Betting – How To Successfully Bet On Indian Field Hockey

Field hockey is one of the most played sports across the world, and one of the few team sports where it is as popular with both men and women. It used to be India’s official sport, with both the men’s and women’s teams earning Olympic medals and ranking high in the world standings. In this article we are going to look over everything you need to know in order to successfully bet on Field Hockey.

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Field Hockey – How It Works

The game consists of eleven players – ten on the field and a one in the goals. Each player plays with a fibreglass hockey stick, with the aim to score goals by placing the hockey ball into the back of the opponents net. Only the hockey stick may touch the ball, with the exception of the goalkeeper, who may use their hands, feet, and limbs to stop the ball from entering the goals. Players are also only allowed to hit the ball with the flat side of their stick.

Field Hockey Betting - How To Successfully Bet On Indian Field Hockey

The players hold positions such as forwards, midfielders, and defensive positions. There is some fluidity in the arrangements of these players, determined by the coach, based on the types of plays that may be made, much like in soccer. Often compared to soccer due to the positions played and layout of the field, hockey does not have the “off-side” rule, which allows the game to continue in exciting speed towards a potential goal. The game can be exceptionally fast, and the type of surface it is played on contributes to this. Usually it is played on grass, but more professionally on AstroTurf, or even indoors on various surfaces such as wood, creating exceptional speed.

Do to the pace of the game, the hardness of the ball, and the speed at which the ball is struck, all players where protective equipment such as shin pads and mouth guards, and the goalkeeper in particular where padding covering his body as well as a helmet, to protect against fast balls being struck into the goals. Hockey is deemed a no-contact sport, meaning that players may not push, interfere or trip an opponent in any way.

Scoring points in Field Hockey

Understanding how goals are scored and potential penalties for a breach of the rules is important, particularly where one may be betting on a field hockey game.

Every time the ball is struck over the goal line, a point is scored. However, there are various ways that this may be achieved – firstly, a field goal is where an attacking player simply strikes the ball into the net. However, a field goal can only be scored from within the half moon “circle” in front of the goals. For example, if a player had to strike the ball from the half-way line and it proceeded to enter the goals, while impressive, this would not be counted as a goal.

Penalties and fouls

Where there has been some sort of foul committed by a defending player inside the circle, the referee with award a penalty corner (also known as a short corner). This, together with a long corner, can be some of the most exciting parts of a field hockey game.

In a penalty corner, the attacking player positions themselves and the ball on the end-line around 10 metres from the goal post. The other attacking players from their team remain outside the circle, and four defenders and the goalkeeper stand behind the end line. As soon as the ball is in all players can rush into the circle to either defend or shoot the ball at the goal.

A long corner is where a defender causes the ball to go over the end-line, and the ball accordingly needs to come back into play. The ball is placed on the same side of the field as where it went out-of-bounds, on the side-line, near the corner of the end line. The player then pushes the ball to a team mate, who is waiting on the circle line. The defenders again then rush the other players to try and prevent a goal.

A penalty stroke is awarded to the attacking side if the defending side has committed a foul resulting in a certain goal being prevented. A penalty is taken around 6 metres from the goal, with only the goalkeeper defending the goals.

Betting on field hockey

Because field hockey is one of the most popular sports in India, it is also one of the most popular sports to bet on.

Various hockey tournaments take place in India, up to thirty-six in fact, including the All India Hockey Tournament, the All India Beighton Cup Hockey Tournament (the oldest tournament in India), the All India Bombay Gold Cup Hockey Tournament, the All India Gurmeet Memorial Hockey Tournament, and the All India MCC Murugappa Gold Cup Hockey Tournament.

Accordingly, there are various opportunities to bet on a favourite team.

Famous Indian field hockey players

Because of the popularity of the sport in India, field hockey players are celebrities in their own right, and in particular, legends of the game and gold Olympic winners, including Dhyan Chand, Roop Singh, Balbir Singh Sr., and Udham Singh.

Betting on Field Hockey in India

How to take part

Because of the popularity of the sport, various online betting platforms allow for betting on hockey, as well as betting and welcome betting bonus credits.

There are various aspects of a game that one can bet on, including:

  • Money Line Bets

These are best on which team will win the game outright, which is the most straightforward and popular type of bet.

  • Over / Under Bets

A better can wager on whether the total amount of goals scored between the teams will go over or under a total set by a bookkeeper. Because there are no draws allowed in hockey, a shootout will determine a winner.

  • Point Spread

Due to the low scoring nature of hockey, betting on a higher point spread results in more lucrative pay-out.

  • Regulation Time Bet

These are bets as to who win within regulation time without shootouts and overtime.

  • Proposition Bets

Bettors can place bets on various elements of the game, for example which team will score the first goal, get the first penalty, or score last.