VIP Betting Bonuses: How Bookmakers reward Loyalty in Betting

Loyal clients have the privilege of enjoying more benefits than the standard players in betting today. There are a myriad of bonuses and reward systems that bookmakers offer, depending on the frequency as well as the amount of money that clients use. For most of the online betting sites and casinos, becoming a VIP client can be difficult. Bookmakers need to see that the client is loyal, consistent, and bets with a certain amount of money within a given period. This amount of money will vary from one bookmaker to another. VIP betting bonuses and other perks are designed to make the client feel recognized and appreciated. Sportsbooks and Casinos also aim to ensure that the high stake spender remains loyal to their products and services in the long term. For the existing clients, VIP bonuses help to cement the relationship between the clients and bookmakers.

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How to join the VIP experience?

For some bookmakers, the VIP program is designed to be highly exclusive, whereby clients join on an invite-only basis. This serves to attract clients who spend more and consistently. It also provides them with a competitive edge against other bookmakers with similar products in the market.

The reward systems will also vary. Some provide special VIP programs that are tiered and tailored for various levels of loyalty among their clients. For example, some online casinos have bronze, silver, gold, and platinum programs or accounts for their clients. The level of loyalty and amount used within a given period, such as a month, will determine the program or account offered to the client. Depending on the consistency, clients can also upgrade or downgrade from one account to another. Within these accounts, clients can enjoy various bonuses such as a higher entry bonus as compared to the standard users.

The rewards for being loyal

Online casinos and sportsbooks also reward their loyal and high-stakes clients by giving much higher odds on some of the selected matches. This means that when clients bet on such matches, they stand a chance to get a much higher payout than their non-VIP counterparts upon winning. In a bid to enhance the client-bookmaker relationship for the VIPs, some clients may be able to directly contact the bookmakers, who address their issues or answer their queries. As compared to the standard bettors, VIP bettors will likely have their issues addressed more promptly.

Free bets of higher amounts can also be provided as bonuses for VIP clients. For some bookmakers, the free bets could be as much as a hundred times more for a VIP member as compared to a standard bettor. Similarly, for those that provide reload bonuses, that of the standard bettor will only be a small fraction of that of the VIP bettor.

VIP Betting Bonuses: How Bookmakers reward Loyalty in Betting

Better deals when depositing money

VIP clients are also likely to receive a high percentage of the amount they deposit for betting as bonuses compared to non-VIP clients. Because they are required to go above a stipulated amount, this means that they enjoy significantly higher payouts. Risk-free betting allows clients to stake high amounts while being guaranteed that either all or a part of the money will be recovered should they not win. Similarly, the cashback is a type of bonus that allows clients to recover a predetermined amount of money that they have staked in case they lose a bet. This allows clients to stake higher amounts than they normally would.

Casinos also provide VIP clients with a chance to win with bonuses such as free spins, new free spins, and match bonuses as with the normal online betting. Bonuses such as the new free spins will be rewarded to loyal clients who have just upgraded to their premium accounts. For bookmakers who are trying to maintain a high level of competition, personalized incentives such as birthday bonuses can be provided to their premium users.